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  • Brittney Williams


4th & Orange is a new Southern Californian pop-reggae band featuring members Garrett Douglas (lead vocals), Chris “DJ Irey” Garcia (keyboards and producer), Ricardo Ramirez (guitar), Jacob Lucero (bass), and Sam Ward (drums). The band was co-founded by long-time friends Garrett Douglas and Chris Garcia who wanted to merge their unique individual style and love of Sublime. The band released their debut single “Girl Next Door”. While the song is definitely a fun track and I can hear subtle Sublime influences, the reggae influences are a little less evident. This does not make “Girl Next Door” any less of a fun track. 4th & Orange have put out a positive and summery pop-leaning, reggae-tinged Alternative Rock number. One that’s right on time and perfect for all of your Summer party playlist needs. To stream Girl Next Door as well as learn more about 4th & Orange look no further than below.4th & ORANGE // “GIRL NEXT DOOR” AVAILABLE NOWCONNECT WITH 4th & ORANGE - InstagramTwitterOfficial Website

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