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Updated: May 12


Em Beihold // Courtesy of Republic Records/Moon Projects
Em Beihold // Courtesy of Republic Records/Moon Projects

Em Beihold is opening up for Lewis Capaldi and recently hopped onto a collaboration with Lauren Spencer Smith and GAYLE.


Em Beihold is not a fan of rollercoasters because they make her sad. I think… Well, it's a statement she makes loud and clear in the song Rollercoasters Make Me Sad. The track is effusive with punchy melodies and dulcet harmonies, while Em's lyrics often capture dissonant emotions through snappy metaphors. Here Beihold has carved out a niche with songs like the previously mentioned track, Rollercoasters Make Me Sad, Groundhog Day, 12345, and the massive hit Numb Little Bug. Rollercoasters Make Me Sad adds another ace to Beihold's songwriting book with how she succinctly captures feelings and a moment in time. It also should be on your Spotify or Apple Music rotation and playlists if it's not. It was back in March when I got to chat with Em during a presser, learning a little more about her as an artist and songwriter, how her songwriting process works, and even a bit about the inspiration behind her songs, which most of her songs touch on modern-day anxieties, relationships, and mental health/illness. She was also excited to be touring with Lewis Capaldi, a tour she is currently on. I asked her about working with Stephen Sanchez and how turning Until I Found Her into a duet came about. The song has her singing from the girl's perspective. One of the biggest collabs all started from Em liking his reels and her manager noticing, thinking they should do a song together. So, to my fellow creatives, this is a gentle reminder. You never know what might happen and who might see it. Keep creating, and do not be afraid to shoot your shot. I also asked about her future collaborations. Em said her dream collab is with Regina Spektor, an artist she says has been at the fiber of her work and artistry since day one. While Em may not be too fond of rollercoasters, she is currently on the wildest one of her life, and it's only getting started.


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