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  • Brittney Williams


Pop-Punk powerhouse band All Time Low is back with a new single, the track ‘Some Kind of Disaster’. The song follows what was an introspective, and melancholic era. All Time Low’s previous release, album Last Young Renegade. While this single is not the band’s best work. It highlights what makes All Time Low, one of Pop-Punk’s brightest, and most enduring bands. The band use this single to anchor their past with the present. It gives us a fresh yet identifiable sound from them. Many long time fans will notice the maturation in their sound and the band willing to take risks. On, ‘Some Kind of Disaster’ we find the band leaning away from Pop (also Punk) towards mainstream Rock. There are elements of electronica throughout. This exploration makes for a bumpy albeit sleepy sounding first half. It’s isn’t until the second half of the song where it picks up speed limit on and liveliness. You can hear a super groovy baseline courtesy of bassist Zack Merrick. There are bright and punchy Pop-Punk choruses, plus a super cool key change at the tail end of the song. In hearing this we catch glimpses of what All Time Low have become known for. As lead vocalist Alex Gaskarth highlights the song with grittier vocals than usual. The music video leaves enough to the imagination and for us to interpret. Allowing the viewer to make their own conclusions and opinions. Which something they’ve done lyrically on ‘Some Kind of Disaster’. On a surface level it seems like another subtle jab to haters and the media. But dig a little deeper and the listener can divulge their own conclusions. All Time Low continue to grow as a band and as artists fans tuning in enthusiastically. Never letting their original essence of rough around the edges Pop-Punk Titans disappear. All Time Low on‘Some Kind of Disaster’ show a band this is maturing, slightly anarchistic but full of heart. Stream the new single here.

Until then,

Brittney x

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