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  • Brittney Williams


One of the things I was most looking forward to at Arroyo Seco Weekend was a chance to interview The Revolution ... As in the Prince's Revolution, the famous and super talented backing band that not only toured with him in his hey day and featured on "Purple Rain". With every band member having had a very successful solo music career since.With The Revolution out on tour now I got the chance to sit down with Keyboardist, Lisa Coleman for a quick chat after her set with The Revolution at Arroyo Seco Weekend –Hi, I’m Brittney from The Reclusive Blogger. It’s nice to meet you Lisa —I’d like to ask you is what songs are you most excited about playing on the tour you’re going on? LISA COLEMAN: “I usually have the most fun at the end when we play "I Will Die For You" and "Baby I'm a Star". Those are my favorites.”Are there any artists today that you're listening to a lot lately that you feel kind of has like the spirit of your band and Prince? LISA COLEMAN: “I really love Janelle Monae. I had loved her first record and I love everything she does. I want to write with her.”I would like to talk a bit about what it like working, touring and recording with Prince in the 80s and how it is now? LISA COLEMAN: “Back then it was like a rags to riches story driving around station wagons and stuff and then each album we got better and better to jets and limousines. But it's so rewarding to meet the fans and stuff that have known for years and years and they come with their families, it’s been an incredible gift for us even though it came out of something very sad, losing Prince.Last question! What’s your favorite song on Purple Rain? LISA COLEMAN: "Purple Rain"!

Thanks so much to Lisa for the quick chat and you can check out the tour dates for The Revolution at their official site below!

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