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  • Brittney Williams


In a year where funky retro beats and sounds from the 80s have made their appearance known quite heavily in practically every hit out now. From such artists as Lizzo to Billie Eilish and far beyond. Now BAD an NYC based duo comprised of Julia Brex and Jackson Hoffman is looking to stake some claim. On "Sweat", the duos latest single serves up a round of bouncy Funk-Pop romp via Glitch music. The song is not only energetic and exciting but tetters on just the precise amount of sexiness, filled with cute and coquettish lyrics and a bit of comical wordplay. BAD on "Sweat" is hoping that their listeners get out on the dancefloor and sweat it out to their very apropos new groove.

You can listen to this Summer bop here... BAD // "SWEAT"

You can follow the band on their socials below!

Until then,

Brittney x

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