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  • Brittney Williams


‘How Long’ is the timely and potent track out now from Oakland bred musician Fantastic Negrito. It’s one of two new songs released taken from his upcoming album set for an August release. The song speaks on the insidiousness of racism in America and the Black Struggle. Negrito implores the listener ‘How long’ through the lens of his own struggle.

As skillfully as How Long is at conveying the grit of the Black American existence. A song that moreover expresses hope and joy as well. Employing a multitude of genres knee-deep in Black Culture or Music. You can hear 60s Soul, 70s Funk, and Rock are all throughout without sounding outdated. Even the guitar solo in the middle of the song is beautiful and melodic not taking away from the track. The Blues itself is dripping in the lyrics which at times feel shouted soaked in pain or grief. Negrito who himself has gone through many ups and downs self- describes his music as Black Roots music. So it’s no surprise this latest track continues to hone in and explores these themes, often by way of his own past. ‘How Long’ isn't just a reflection of our society from the past but the present too. To stream the new single ‘How Long’ by Fantastic Negrito click here.

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