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Silver Relics is an NYC-based band formed by Alex Sepassi in 2017. The band has a new single out now titled, ‘Tails”. It further explores their experimental sound that debuted in 2019’s ‘Generic’. I caught up with the band’s founder, Alex, to chat about new music, and much more. You can read the interview below!


THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Thanks for taking the time out. So, How have you guys been doing since we last caught up? How has navigating the COVID-19 lockdown as musicians been like for?

SILVER RELICS: Thanks so much for having us again. It's good to be back and to answer the question - it's been a bit bonkers, but we're making a lot of progress. Navigating the pandemic has been all over the place. It really made us think about how we were going to approach our new album. Travel restrictions were a lot to consider at the time! Though a lot of new songs came from it, along with the addition of our new NY drummer, Hitomi. She's an incredible musician. We've been working on songs with producer/engineer Brandt Gassman at his studio in Williamsburg. It's been busy.

It feels like forward progress on days when I stop to think about it, you know?

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: I’d like to talk about your new single some. "Tails". What was the inspiration behind? How has the recording and writing process been like?

SILVER RELICS: “Tails” came together when our producer/drummer Brian Young entered the picture. He really helped put it together along with Mark's bass. We wanted to build the structure around the rhythm section for this song. That gave me plenty of room to dance around on the vocal and guitar. I'm really happy with the way it turned out among the chaos. Tails is about the instinctive and primal non-verbal communication we have with one another everyday, written from the perspective of a K-9.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: So, you’ve added to the band’s lineup since your debut in 2019 following the departure of drummer Justin Alvis. You are working with Brian Young and Mark Crozer. How has been working with both of these incredible talents?

SILVER RELICS: Yes! It's been amazing. Mark joined when Justin was still involved in the project. Mark connected me to Brian, and we've all been getting along ever since. Working closely with this team has been really inspiring. We picked up right away when we first met so it's been a smooth ride since the beginning. We just finished a wildly productive,entertaining session at Brian's LA studio last week,actually. We're very excited to share more with you.

Tails” album cover

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: When can listeners and fans expect to hear more new music from this new and pretty musically diverse lineup?

SILVER RELICS: Soon! We're in the studio working on our sophomore LP at the moment. We expect to have it completed by the end of 2021. This record is taking its own shape based on how we all play and work together. It certainly has a strong rhythmic tone to it along with movement and space, from my perspective. As the songs come together, it's easy to see the connection between them—how the lyrical themes play to the music.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Switching gears... What’s the single piece of pop culture that’s made the most impact on your life as a creative?

SILVER RELICS: The Beatles. My parents have a lot to do with that. Once I learned my mom saw them at Shea Stadium, I was hooked. They embody pop culture and their catalog is one of the most diverse I’ve heard to date.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: What is your pick for the song of the summer for this year?

SILVER RELICS: Goat Girl – “The Crack.” I love what's happening from these Londoners off their sophomore release. It's refreshing and that song never gets old to me.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: What was the last thing that made you feel nostalgic?

SILVER RELICS: While I was in LA, Brian let me borrow his car, so I'd have to say driving is number one right now. It's been a while,and that city has its own nostalgia.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: I want to end on this. What does music and the craft of songwriting mean to you?

SILVER RELICS: I love this question. It's a part of who I am, so it's a life force essentially. Songwriting is my expression and interpretation of both my conscious and subconscious. It's really that simple. When I think about what it means to be an artist and songwriter, my life makes a lot of sense. The most important thing I've learned is how to work with it and allow for those melodies and ideas to come out. I set an intention to make sure they're looked after and interpreted in the best way possible. It's really important to me for the band to be excited about their parts! Never a boring moment, you know?

Thanks so much again. We're fans of your blog!

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