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In Earnest is an Indie Rock trio hailing from Southend-on-Sea in the United Kingdom. The trio comprised of couple Sarah and Tom, and close friend Toby. If their name sounds fairly familiar on TRB. Then you're right. I initially highlighted them and their cozy genuine songwriting back in 2020.

In Earnest return with a new EP out now titled, ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’. Truly a rollercoaster of emotions they blend genres like pop, folk, and singer-songwriter. In Earnest delves into topics on personal narratives about mental health & the surrounding dialogue. A dialogue that when asking about their musical influences heavier bands like Linkin Park popped up quite a bit in the discussion. It was also particularly clear how much Linkin Park and their contemporaries' impact is wide-ranging. As their influence was something to note in the lyrical content on the ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’ EP. Another unique quality of the EP is that each track seamlessly blends into another. They created a piece of music meant to be heard as one. It was something they intentionally set out to create, a pretty bold move and statement in 2021 when music sales are driven by singles. Before the release as I spoke with Sarah and Tom. I learned this EP was a deep dive into the unknown for them in many ways. Originally, planning for a release during a pause in lockdown. The band had scheduled recording time in a studio, and was even looking forward to playing a few gigs. All during what seemed like a hopeful time during the Pandemic. Those plans quickly went askew and they instead hunkered down. Allowing their writing and creative process to simmer down. Through this process born the melancholic short film along with the EP. When asked about the short film, both Sarah and Tom found it a daunting experience. One that they would only take on again with fewer restrictions. Although they did enjoy working with their friend who wound up experimenting with different types of filming setups. One of which including drone usage.

Reasons To Stay Alive’

From the start of this interview, I had planned to end on a note of In Earnest’s . The last time they felt nostalgic, had a dance party, and so on. Yet, the way Sarah perfectly described the EP. How the EP meant for playing on a loop, stuck with me. She described it as coming out of the darkness into light. Quite the journey for someone struggling with their mental health or the current times and pandemic. All the crazy changes upon us and yes the stillness. ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’ leaves us with a fitting hopefulness that things can always be better, even in the darkest of times. That every day is but a 24-hour cycle where you can always start anew.


Stream In Earnest’s ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’ below.

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