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  • Brittney Williams


Frank Iero and The Future Violents brought the Barriers World Tour to its concluding stop at The Troubadour this past Saturday. The band was touring on the heels of it's newest release Barriers with openers Geoff Rickly and Low Speech. The support remains high for the former My Chemical Romance member. With many fans lining up early for the 8:00 PM door time and wearing band tees from some of Frank's former musical endeavors.

The first act onstage was Low Speech, their opening set was loud, fun yet quite melodic. They got the crowd all warmed up and singing along in a short amount of time. The second act of the night was Geoff Rickly, whom you might know from the band Thursday. It was just him and a guitar that was hooked up to a laptop. The crowd was super into it singing along to every word. Geoff's vocals were loud, clear and rich. His storytelling in song and his storytelling just talking was on point. As was his guitar work, but that's what 20 years of touring and playing in bands will do. He regaled the audience with stories of working with Frank and his former bandmates Gerard and Mikey Way on the first MCR album. His crowd interaction was just enough.

The headliner Frank Iero and The Future Violents ended the night to a boisterous and packed house (as some people didn't arrive until he was on.) The band walked on stage to loud cheers tearing into a twenty song set that included a four-song encore. Everything about the band, the crowd, and the minimal production, including the crazy lighting, screamed lo-fi punk. The setlist ranged from the opening number "Moto Pop" to "Young and Doomed", "24K Lush", "Joyriding", and "Best Friends Forever (But Not Now)". Frank's vocals were strong and kinetic the entire show with his band being just as intense. Feeding off that energy, the crowd was loving every minute of it shouting back every lyric, dancing along, headbanging, and even moshing on a few songs. It was truly a fun night whether you happened to be a long-time fan of Frank Iero or a just a fan of great guitar rock.

Check out my gallery from the show below!

Until then,

Brittney x

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