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Pop-punk duo Hayley and The Crushers (comprising of married frontwoman Hayley Crusher Cain and bass player Dr. Cain ESQ) have a new EP set for release in September. The EP is titled "Unsubscribe from the Underground" and has the band fusing their love of many genres, Detroit realness, and California cool. The latest single from the collection is "Unsubscribe", which is equal parts the raw electricity of Pop-Punk as grimy early aughts garage rock. In the post below, I have the two pick their favorite hotspots and memories from their favorite "scenes" in the cities most important to them, Oakland, SouthBay/L.A., and Detriot.



Hayley's Top Ten Fav Things about the Scene She's in Now (Detroit): 

  1. Lots of bands and artists of all ages and walks of life. Especially strong femme-fronted bands!

  2. Inclusive country music nights like Two-step Tuesday and Howdee Fest.

  3. Drag artists working within the DIY scene. It's all very colorful.

  4. Yemeni food—cheap, delicious fuel for a long night performing. Shout out to Rema's!

  5. A creative sober artist’s community that caters to touring bands.

  6. Sense of playfulness and experimentation that allows for weird things to happen (like live wrestling, clowning, comedy, performance art, etc.).

  7. Appreciative, kindhearted audiences, especially when touring around the Midwest in smaller cities. Everyone is so happy to see us!

  8. Nontraditional venues like art spaces, vintage stores, warehouses, galleries, book stores, etc.

  9. People put up actual fliers onto actual poles because people actually walk around here! I love riding my bike and happening upon a cool flier.

  10. The ability to see awesome touring and local acts for a $10-15 cover charge.


Hayley's Top Ten Favorite Things about the LA Scene She Grew Up in (LA/South Bay in the early 2000s):

  1. Backyard shows in Lennox where someone's abuela took a dollar at the door for the keg.

  2. Bacon-wrapped hot dogs savored on the street curb after gigs at a show at The Knitting Factory Hollywood.

  3. Dancing to 80s music at Clockwork Orange club in Hollywood (we always stashed our booze in the bushes outside).

  4. Hanging out at Mr. T's Bowl in Highland Park, or better yet, socializing in the back lot.

  5. Taking the Metro to The Allen Theater in South Gate and getting Del Taco after.

  6. LA area street punk bands of the day like Clit 45 from Long Beach. Oi oi oi!

  7. Falling asleep in the back of my 1968 Oldsmobile after any show (it could fit like 6 people easily).

  8. Playing at the Redondo Beach Teen Center with my first band, Ballroom Burlesque. I was so nervous!

  9. Hanging out at "the tracks" near the Wienerschnitzel, El Nido Park in Redondo, or Sunken City in San Pedro until the cops broke it up.

  10. Seeing iconic LA bands like X play the Sunset Junction Street Faire or The Blasters at Brixton under the Redondo Beach Pier.


Reid Cain's Top Ten Fav Things about the Scene He Grew Up in (Oakland in the mid-90s):

  1. Warehouse shows, especially seeing Murder City Devils and Turbo Negro (extra cool because I lived there at the time).

  2. Being part of the team that helped build the Punks with Presses Warehouse, which hosted traveling bands.

  3. Discovering real Mexican food for the first time (I’m from Colorado).

  4. Experiencing all-ages shows at Gilman at its most fun.

  5. Meeting up with all the punks at Food Not Bombs in People’s Park.

  6. Breaking into the old Amtrak station and hanging out on the roof with an awesome view of the city.

  7. Having fun on the BART train because shows in SF ended at midnight.

  8. The cheap rent in Oakland at the time.

  9. Stealing back my own bike from the guy who stole it at the liquor store (victory!).

  10. Hitting the record stores on Telegraph and checking out the handmade show fliers and handmade zines.


Reid Cain's Top Ten Fav Things about the Scene He's in Now (Detroit):

  1. A strong sense of community with very diverse artists. You could see any genre on any night of the week!

  2. 24-hour coney joints to hang out at after the show. Shoutout to Ray's Coney, next to Rock and Roll Liquor.

  3. Cheap housing, allowing more artists to actually own their own homes.

  4. Plethora of venues hosting music constantly, like PJs Lager House, Outer Limits and Garden Bowl.

  5. $2.50 Stroh’s beer at the shows (a far cry from West Coast prices).

  6. Blue collar mentality; everybody works together to keep the scene going.

  7. Short distances between cities here in the Midwest, allowing for great touring opportunities from Detroit.

  8. General friendly vibe and that warm Midwestern charm. The Midwestern goodbye, however, is a little annoying...

  9. Engaged audiences who aren’t too judgey or jaded. Yes, dancing is legal in Michigan!

  10. The killer sound at Small’s Bar in Hamtramck.


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