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  • Brittney Williams


It’s the singles you need to hear now!

Here's a rundown of my favorite songs from the past week (or so)!

QUEEN NAIJA & WALE // ‘Butterflies Pt. 2 (Wale Remix)

This sweet R&B ode to finding the one from Singer Queen Naija gets a remix featuring Rapper Wale. His added feature adds another take to the already warm number. Taking on the perspective of love that fizzled out as he realizes he’s only the side thing. It's super catchy and another contender for Summer Romance jam. You can watch the visualizer for the remix below.

IRATION // ‘Coastin

Coastin’ is the title track and fourth song from the upcoming album from the Alternative Rock band Iration. The song is a summery blend of rock, pop, and reggae from the band who is Hawaiian Bred and California based. Lyrically the track speaks of slowing down but letting life come to you. Iration’s album is out on July 10th and you can listen to the ‘Coastin’ single here.

BLACKPINK // ‘How You Like That

The KPop girl pop comeback single is full of sexy swagger and a uber catchy melodic chorus. A fusing of multiple genres is evident as you can hear influences of American Pop, EDM, and even Middle Eastern sounds all throughout. The best part for us is all four girls are prominently in the forefront. Taking a cue from Jennie, let’s bring on the “Boss Bitch” music. As this new track leaves us wanting more.


Once again Meghan did not come to play! She has been consistently releasing fire tracks over the past few months. Most notable her collaboration with Beyoncé. This song with samples the Eazy E classic ‘Boyz-N-The-Hood’. Meghan flips it on its head coming through with that Stallion wordplay and freshness.

SKOTT - ‘My Name

Swedish singer Skott unveiled her debut album, ‘Always Live For Always’ or (A.L.F.A for short) today. Skott also included a visual for the current single the song ‘My Name’ as well. ‘My Name’ is a short but impactful tune infused with her unique charm set against a minimalist Electro Pop beat. Skott’s harmonies are what get the emotion across.

CHARLIE PUTH // ‘Girlfriend

At the first listen of the latest offering from the Pop Singer-songwriter. It is obvious that ‘Girlfriend’ finds major influences in 80s synth pop and R&B. That sound and vibe has made a resurgence this year with super successful albums from artists like The Weeknd and Dua Lipa. Whose songs are all synth based, 80s influenced, and dance floor, disco ready. Puth’s ‘Girlfriend’ sits quite comfortably amongst the rest with it’s quiet swagger, hooking the listeners ear immediately. The silky bass lines, funky synths, and that straightforward chorus. Thanks for the Summer romance bop, Charlie.

JONAS BLUE & MAX // ‘Naked

British Pop Producer Jonas Blue teams up with American Pop Artist MAX on this sexy Summer-ready jam. This incredibly catchy number is a strong contender for the 2020 Summer anthem. The hooky melodies, sing-along chorus, and indelible groove will have you up and dancing in no time. A rotoscope video made separately in quarantine brings a sexy neon dream to life. It features MAX and Jonas in sunglasses. MAX and a bevy of female dancers in neon. Jonas chilling in of course a classic car. You can check out the music video below!


Texas music duo Surfaces jaunty new track has them teaming up with music legend and Grammy Winner Elton John. It’s a jaunty new single with production from the duo and a feature from Elton. His singing on a short part and his playing his trademark piano gives the track a different perspective. The colorful and whimsical music video is out now. Done in partnership with Sean Zwan from Studio Showoff you can view it below.

AIRPORTS // ‘U Feel It 2

The Australian DIY Pop artist latest single is a dreamy and melancholic bop that takes on a double meaning. Written when artist was suffering through Depression but also falling in love. So the dualism in the track (either a love song about someone who makes us feel free, or a dark song about a vice that keeps us trapped, says AIRPORTS) was intentional. The track is ample with lush harmonies, cascading synths, and smooth sincere vocals. AIRPORTS finds inspiration in life but in Sad Pop artists such as LANY and Lauv. You can give the single a listen down below.

CHAZ FRENCH // ‘What A Day

D.C Rapper Chaz French’s latest off the Motown label is a short but sweet Hip-Hop number that serves an empowering message. Chaz affirms, “The best advice I got is to love. The best that I can give is to love. All that I can do is love. With all that I been through, I still love”. The song features strong and captivating production from CPSL0CK (Nafets) and Supah Mario (Drake, Young Thug). You can check out the track below and expect new music from French soon.

JOHNNY ASHBY // ‘Born Again

The London born now Los Angeles based Singer-Songwriter new track is the title track off his upcoming EP. Ashby’s five-track EP produced by friends in the band Grizfolk. Born Again highlights his love of guitar, Americana, and British Singer-Songwriters like David Bowie and Coldplay. The first single gives us an emotional, and ethereal first taste full of lush driving guitars and vocal harmonies. You can listen for yourself below.

I've updated the playlist! To listen click here.

Until then,

Brittney x

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