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Updated: May 13




Paramore is back, Arctic Monkeys dropped another brilliant song from their forthcoming album, ‘The Car’, and Sam Smith and Kim Petras team up. All these tracks and more lead edition 12 of my ‘Hear This Now’ roundup where we’ve got a bit of everything for everyone. From lilting soft melodic indie-pop to 60s-inspired Alt-Pop, then bombastic hip-hop numbers, and "Unholy” mainstream pop collabs. This is The Music Soundcheck edition 12.

You can listen to all the music mentioned here and much more in this playlist here, The Reclusive Blogger's Mixtape Melodies..


Paramore - “This Is Why”

After a four year break since After Laughter and Hayley’s “Simmering” solo work (see what I did there). Paramore are back with a new insanely groovy new song and sound taking bits and pieces of influences from everywhere. 60s beat, 70 soul/funk, The Beatles, 90 Indie, and British naughties bands like Bloc Party. A band which Hayley has been quoted as saying was big influence for this new album and era.

Click the

to see ‘This Is Why’ we love Paramore and their groovy new tune!

Antonio Sanchez (feat. Trent Reznor + Atticus Ross ) - “I Think We’re Past That Now”

The newly released music video features otherworldly animation from the Mexican animation company Animatitlan. It’s the perfect accompaniment to such a hard-hitting track and collaboration between the trio.

Stream Antonio’s epic collab with Trent & Atticus at the link

Freddie Gibbs -“Dark Hearted”

Another banger from Freddie Gibbs set against a beautifully laid-out minimalist production from James Blake. It’s all set against a darkly surrealist animated music video.

Explore the offbeat surrealism of ‘Dark Hearted’ by pressing play on the link here

Paige Bea - "4x4"

This track from the London Songwriter and producer is the second offering from her upcoming EP, ‘Goodbye, Then!'. Paige takes us on a euphoric journey of a new relationship (and the obsession that can happen) via the haunting mix of avant-garde electronic pop.

To feel all the feels of a new love, stream 4x4 by listening here

Tommy Newport (Feat. Jazz Cartier) - “Jackpot"

Manchester’s Indie cool kid Tommy Newport teams up with Toronto rapper and Juno Award winner Jazz Cartier on “Jackport”. The duo create what is the ultimate vibe on this groovy, soulful yet gritty track.

To stream ‘Jackpot’ press play here

THE DRIVES - “Not That Bad”

This garage rock foursome weighs out the aftermath of a relationship that never really got started with a punk realness flickering through their pop melodies.

To listen to “Not That Bad” go here


The second offering from the bands’ forthcoming album “The Car”. The song oozes 60s influences like the use of orchestral elements and layered melodies and harmonies a la The Beatles. Those nods to past give the track a certain air of nostalgia all while firmly planted in the roots of todays Alternative Rock sound. Plus frontman Alex Turner vocals have never sounded this strong.

To see if there’s still a trace of “Body Paint” go here

JONAH YANO - "leslianne"

If there was ever a song that could be called short and sweet (it’s under 2 minutes). This is the perfect song. The track which is the second helping from Yano’s forthcoming sophomore album Portrait of a Dog’ finds the artist gracefully musing over a girl finding her way home. Along the way Yano fuses his voice with his piano work and it’s exquisite.

Find your way home to “leslianne” here

Pre-order ‘Portrait of a Dog’ here


Pop balladeer Sam Smith does a complete 360 and changes up his sound in his new collab with eclectic pop singer Kim Petras. In the racy music video for the new track, appearances aren’t always as they seem and things quickly get… well “Unholy”.

Get “Unholy” with Sam and Kim here


Then there’s the visionary Jazz group The Bad Plus. A group redefining the sonics of Jazz through their unique skill set and pedigrees. On the bands’ latest release and first as a quartet the redefine what Jazz can be through dynamic musical language, refreshing soundscapes, and ultimately the drive and passion to go beyond what Jazz is, but to what it can be.

Stream their self-titled album here


The WOC pop-punk trio returns with the first offering from the bands’ forthcoming debut album. A spunky diss track to all the haters from the group who has come to have a love/hate relationship with the internet these days. From the gang vocals in the chorus, fast riffs, loud guitars, hard hitting drums, and huge hooks. These girls are ready for the limelight and representation in pop-punk is sorely needed.

Stream the song here, watch the music video


Rising English act Precious Pepala is already making waves with her impressive voice and storytelling. At only 17 her latest single “Looking For Trouble” tackles a tale as old as time, but with a refreshing honesty, Millennial/Gen Z relatability, and a soulful pop vocal delivery beyond her years. Precious is certainly one to watch.

Stream the song here, watch the music video here

Madison Cunningham - “Revealer”

Revealer is the new album by artist, singer, and songwriter Madison Cunningham. While her sound may feel familiar with its heavy notes of nostalgia plucked throughout. Her vocals, lyrical delivery and choice in words and wordplay is all fresh, she’s throws in her many influences from Jazz, Pop, and even Alternative Rock. Her Folk-Americana sound is uniquely her as she often touches upon the anxieties of her generation, the hopes, the fears, the highs and lows. Which is what I asked her about when I got the chance during a small presser last month. What has been the most rewarding experience for her so far? Despite Grammy noms, doing a NPR Tiny Desk Concert, and performing on late night shows. Cunningham said opening up for Harry Styles was it. She was in awe of how gracious his fans were even taking the time to learn her songs. Although, I have a feeling some were already fans.

To stream “Revealer” go here

Duncan Lawrence - “Electric Life”

While the “Arcade” singer new single subject matter is quite heavy. It’s song about loved ones who have passed on and the transformation of deep sorrow to hope about it. Duncan masks the sorrowful nature of the song in dynamic, warm, 70s-inspired sonics. The artist creating what is ultimately a bombastic tune.

You watch the music video which he directed himself here.



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