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  • Brittney Williams


Edition 2 featuring another roundup of the songs you need to hear now!

So here is a rundown of my favorite songs that you need to hear know.

REMA // ‘Woman

Afropop prince Rema dropped his third single ‘Woman’. ‘Woman’ is an appreciation and admiration track to all the beautiful women out there. Recently crowned Apple Music’s Up Next Artist. A title once held by artists like Billie Eilish and Khalid. Rema is showing major promise as he has also garnered major co-signs from Rihanna to Barack Obama. His latest single flows with Hip-Hop beats, Island flavor, and supple African beats. This track is the perfect Summer banger.

ANDREW LEVIN // ‘If I Died Today

A guitarist at heart, San Francisco’s Andrew Levin’s new song straddles the line of slow groove and ballad. Taking many twists and turns along the wavy psychedelia train at the start. The anthemic message of the song echoing loud and clear. You can check out the track for yourself below.

BINNY // ‘Deep End

Set against a minimalist and hypnotic Electro beat. Singer BINNY bares all for his take on the ‘f-- boys with feelings’ anthem. ‘Deep End’ is about unintentionally falling for someone. It’s through it’s lush melodies and syncopated rhythms this track quickly becomes an earworm. You also see how well BINNY tells this story. Listen to the song below.

THE PROTOTYPES (feat. B3NDU) // ‘Enter The Warrior

This high energy Dance track from British Drum & Bass duo, The Prototypes is perfect for Summer. It is the third offering from the duos upcoming album ‘Ten Thousand Feet & Rising’. It’s due out October 23rd. The track itself is a collaboration with artist B3NDU. Her fierce and electric vocals add so much soul and intensity to the track. The music video features her and the freestyle dancing of Aggie Nonsizi to drive home the intense energy of this fun track.

AJ TRACEY & MABEL // ‘West Ten

This collaboration by U.K. chart royalty has Pop and Rap colliding creating an unexpected hit. Mabel’s laidback sexiness and Tracey’s Rap swagger are full effect in ‘West Ten’. It’s a well crafted, fun, and undeniably catchy R&B Pop jam. All laid atop a groovy 2step beat. A song about owning ones sense of self and ones confidence. It’s truly a contender for Summer song.

SIDE NOTE: Music video contains flashing lights and images.

SABIYHA // ‘Love Me Alone

British-Guyanese artist Sabiyha new release is a beautiful yet heartbreaking Dancehall tinged jam. The song lyrically charts a period in her life when she went through a string of toxic relationships. A fiery R&B track which takes the form of a empowered conversation that counsels herself and others. ‘Love Me Alone’ recently got a makeover. Sabiyha‘s filmed a new stripped down version of the song on a rooftop in her South London neighborhood. You can stream the original here and watch the stripped down version below.


London’s Oscar Jerome new track has him stripping back to the basics. The new song is ‘Joy Is You’ and off his upcoming debut album ‘Breathe Deep’. Jerome’s new song focuses on his clean, crisp vocals, pared down instrumentation, and sweet melodies. It is a joyous, and heartfelt number closing out his debut as Jerome wrote it to celebrate the birth of his nephew. You can stream here and watch below.

To pre-order Oscar Jerome’s debut click here.

CHARLIE BARNES // ‘Last Nights Glitter

A song anchored by strong acoustic guitar and accented by beautiful woodwinds. ‘Last Nights Glitter’ is the new song by artist and Bastille touring member Charlie Barnes. It’s a song about growing up in this era and what it means to become an Adult. How we all come to terms with it and learn what matters in life. His songwriting has grown since the ‘Oceanography’ album. An album where he used a ton of flowery language and metaphors. Although ‘Oceanography’ is a beautiful record. The new single ‘Last Nights Glitter’ is more personal and you can hear that. Charlie’s vocals have never sounded better with a boldness and grandiosity. Everything seemingly comes together on ‘Last Nights Glitter’ to create magic.

Check out the vertical video for ‘Former Glories’ and pre-order Charlie’s vinyl for ‘Last Nights Glitterhere.

SAM SMITH // ‘Fix You’ (Coldplay Cover)

Sam’s interpretation of this signature Coldplay track is quiet and intentional. Sam creates beautiful emotion in the moments of silence. Where he normally hit those big booming notes. Not doing too much to the instrumentation leaving much of the original there but with a gospel tinge. It’s just enough for people to recognize. We still get those lovely melancholic Sam Smith moments and layered vocals. You can view the cover below.

ALL THINGS BLUE // ‘Dicking Around

Dream-punk band All Things Blue new single ‘Dicking Around’ is an eclectic dream land. The Los Angeles band fronted by India Coombs meshes genres well on this second single from their upcoming debut. Titled ‘Get Bit’, All Things Blue debut is due out on October 2nd. It’s a song that tells a dark inward tale of a narrator who contemplates acting out on their worst impulses. You can watch the trippy official video below. Then stream the song here.

I've updated the playlist! To listen click here.

Until then,

Brittney x

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