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  • Brittney Williams


Keeping you updated on the latest and greatest in music! Here’s edition 3 of the songs you need to hear now!

This latest edition (Edition 3 to be exact) features everything from Baroque Pop from Australian singer The Dawn Of May to a Sexy R&B Disco track from Victoria Monet. There’s something for everyone...

THE DAWN OF MAY // ‘Zenith’

New York-based artist The Dawn Of MAY's newest single is evocative and beautiful. MAY’s sound is simultaneously of the past yet the future. On ‘Zenith’ she hones in her aesthetic and artistry carefully crafting songs that are otherworldly. Her vocals are siren-like amongst the orchestral Baroque Pop numbers. ‘Zenith’ firmly sees The Dawn Of MAY stepping into her power.

EASY LIFE // ‘Nightmares

Nightmares’ is a breezy and uplifting Indie Pop track musically. Lyrically it takes an intimate look at mental health and its fragility. Easy Life combines Pop hooks, Hip-Hop delivery, and a bit of Jazz to create a track that’s fun and undeniably catchy, even with its serious subject matter. ‘Nightmares’ was recently in an episode of Michaela Coel’s HBO ‘I May Destroy You’ in a pivotal scene.

JAMES BAY // ‘Chew On My Heart

His new song as James put it himself is a song about being deeply and madly in love. The song (and music video) wholly gives off that vibe with the sweet yet simple production. You can also hear the 60s Rock, Folk, and Psychedelia influences as well. It’s Bay pared-back but still imbued with emotion, hope, honestly. These are the strengths that made his songwriting stand out from the get-go.

SAINT CLAIR // ‘goddess

Goddess’ brings us the initial taste from Saint Clair’s new EP and project. A four-part visual EP. Saint Clair is the musical alias of North London musician Emma Topolski. You might recognize Emma from her band Childcare where she is the Bassist. Her musical influences range from R&B to old school jazz artists. It all somehow winds itself all around her music. ‘Goddess’ is no different. Her smoky timbre sounding wistful and melancholic. This music is firmly rooted in Pop with its Folk-Pop sensibilities.

JAMES BLAKE // ‘Are You Even Real?’

British Alternative R&B crooner James Blake new song is a melodic confection. Blake collaborated with Ali Tamposi, Starrah, and Peter Lee Johnson to write and produce the lush ambient piece. Lyrically the track focuses on the need for real human connection, love, and on staying in the present moment. The twinkling synths, ambient instrumentation, and rich harmonies drive home that theme. Blake’s singing has an ethereal quality to it as well. This track is the first follow-up to his 2019 ‘Assume Form’.


Come & Go’ is a collaboration with EDM wunderkind and Producer Marshmello. The late rapper Juice WRLD ruminates over his difficulties in being a better man and in love. This collaboration with Marshmello and the posthumous album is a glimmer into the artistic psyche of someone who saw beyond genres. The subtleties in vocal melodies and delivery plus Marshmello’s production choices make this song quite catchy.

THE HUNNA // ‘I Wanna Know

Rock band The Hunna shares the bombastic new single and video ‘I Wanna Know’. The track eschews high-energy and fun times capturing the group's essence and live performances well. Its release is ahead of the band's new album set to drop in October. The new song gives a taste of what we can expect to hear from the guys in The Hunna. You can view the video below.

KATY PERRY // ‘Smile

Katy’s new track ‘Smile’ is the follow-up to her euphoric ‘Daisies’. It’s also the title for her upcoming album (aka KP5) due August 14. This timely track is a life-affirming song about staying positive above all else. One that for Katy herself is a culmination of her artistry. Written after one of the darkest times in her life. Songs like these have been Katy’s treatise on life. They are why so many of her fans are drawn to her. ‘Smile’ is a disco-pop bop with a strong and positive message. It has an infectious candy-coated beat that will stay with you long after.

LOTUS // ‘Catacombs

Lotus is an instrumental electronic band. The band’s newest single ‘Catacombs’ is off their upcoming album due August 21st. It’s a mind-melting mix of dirty grooves, funky harmonies, and soulful synths. A band that finds inspiration in some of the originators of Electronic and Dance music like Daft Punk and St. Germain. Lotus’ four-on-the-floor jazzy style takes us on a delightful journey of sound in just over 6 minutes.


This R&B slow-burning club groove is the new single from Dance/DJ Producer KAYTRANADA. It’s the first song and follow-up to his 2019’s studio album ‘BUBBA’. The track features Grammy-nominated singer Lucky Daye. Lucky’s smooth and soulful vocals meld perfectly with KAYTRANADA’s sublime grooves and rhythms, making this quite the earworm.

VICTORIA MONET // ‘Experience

This dazzling disco-pop jam features Victoria’s feather-light vocals dancing about the joyful track. A collaboration featuring artists Khalid and Producer SG Lewis. It’s an effortlessly fun, upbeat, and confident track that will have you singing along and dancing in no time. It was a track Monet was hesitant to release due to the current state of the world. Ultimately, Monet felt it could lift the spirits of many, and that voices featured on the track who are Black and/or Queer should be heard. The song lyrically explores feelings after a breakup but in a positive light. The lyric video captures the song's 70s and 80s Disco and R&B vibes with a roller skating dance party. You can ‘Experience’ the lyric video below.

Until then,

Brittney x

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