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  • Brittney Williams


Here This Now keeps you updated with the best new music! Welcome to edition 5.

In Edition 5 we’ve got everything from Bastille’s new song (and sound) to a new track from Melanie C. It's all the best in new music...



Alternative Rock band Bastille are back with a fierce new track ‘WHAT YOU GONNA DO??’. This song marks a turning point in sound for them. It's a sound that beautifully suits frontman Dan Smith’s vocals superbly well. The quartet eagerly hit the gas pedal and go full throttle into their new identity as a rock band. Using the only 2 minutes and 11 seconds of the song to it's full extent. It is loud, proud, and it's very British. Hints of 90s Brit Rock/Pop pop through and even of The Beatles. Bastille wind up packing in quite the punch teaming up with one of the biggest rock stars Blur’s Graham Coxon. A gorgeous vibrant animated music video from artist Reza Dolatabadi accompanies the track. The animation only upholds the song’s clear and precise message. You can view this visual below.


Indigo’ is a piece of dreamy emo guitar pop wonder. Talking Violet effortlessly fuses numerous genres into this ethereal confection. Barrowing inspiration from 90s shoegaze and emo bands. The song is also rather haunting. Frontwoman Jill Goyeu’s featherweight vocals dance in and out the track playfully. 'Indigo' is about trusting yourself, and your intuition. You can check out the VHS inspired visual below.

WIZ THE MC // ‘For A Minute

Wiz The Mc is a 21-year-old rapper born in Cape Town and bred in Germany. A new signee to 10K Projects he makes his talent know on this sweet and sexy number. The artist self-produced this track in quarantine and crafted a fun Alternative Hip-Hop jam using a guitar loop. 'For A Minute' utilizes a multitude of genres and interpolates a lot of neat pop melodies into the chorus. The visuals are out now and you can see them below.


South African artist and dancer Moonchild Sanelly is a truly a talent on the rise. Garnering praise from Damon Albarn and collaborating with artists like Diplo and WizKid. You may have recognized her in Beyonce's powerful 'Black Is King' visual album during 'MY POWER'. Now she's looking to shine even brighter on her latest release 'Bashiri'. It's a bold and wonderfully catchy song. The music video features the artist in a vibrant kaleidoscope of colors being joyful and dancing. Scope it out below.

BAD CHILD // ‘Hi Def

Bad Child's new single tackles distractions and ignorance of larger societal issues. From the opening line Bad Child's hard hitting wordplay calls us all out to step back and look around us. What are we overlooking? How can we change? The visuals that are attached to the track echo that. It's a modern treatise on the social media age. Musically, we get a punk funk vibe on the song with Bad Child's soulful & energetic yet raw vocal delivery. 'Hi Def' is eccentric and fun as it delivers an important message.

DEATHBYROMY // ‘Fiending For A Lover

Singer-songwriter DeathbyRomy's follow up single finds the artist further cementing her avante garde sound. ‘Fiending For A Lover' is a puckish pop confection. The artist continuing to improve on her skills of blending a multitude of genres. It's sexy, emotional, and it's dark. A song that leaves you wanting more from this goth pop princess.

HANNAH GRACE // ‘Missing The Show

'Missing The Show' is the latest tune from Welsh singer-songwriter Hannah Grace. It's a heart-wrenching and cinematic ballad about waiting for a relationship to blossom. Her vocals begin to bloom and soar by tracks end. The single is off the singer's upcoming album 'Remedy’. ‘Remedy’ features more tracks of the sort. Highlighting her strong vocals and poignant storytelling. Hannah Grace has toured with major artists such as Hozier, Seal and Jess Glynne. You can listen to the song below.


Sam's new track is a collaboration with Nigerian artist Burna Boy. The unlikely collab came to fruition through a mutual respect and admiration. 'My Oasis' emanates emotions of lost and longing that each artist intuitively conveys. Sam and Burna's distinctive vocals interwine well against this smooth island tinged track. Listen to it below.

MELANIE C // ‘In And Out Of Love

Pop Powerhouse Melanie C is prepping for the release of her self titled eighth studio album. Her album is due in October. One of the albums tracks is the fun new single 'In And Out Of Love'. The up-beat dance track features lots of gorgeous synths, and lush club ready rhythms. It's a song that's a fresh sound for the Brit Pop icon. While still having her stay in her power connected to her self love power pop aesthetic. It is an authentic change of pace. The music video is something fierce as well. Directed by Graham Cruz. It's beautifully staged with dramatic lighting, gorgeous dancing and costumes. All shot in Alexandra Palace. It's all about love and positivity here something we all could use a bit more of.


Everything Everything's new track 'Violent Sun' is chaotic, melodic, frenetic, and absolute fun. 'Violent Sun' premiered as BBC Radio 1 Annie Mac’s Hottest Record making it the third song from the band to do so. The track closes the 'RE-ANIMATOR' record due September 11. Frontman Johnathan Higgs directed the visuals for the song. It features each band member sprinting frenetically through their respective lockdown locales. Yet, a closer look reveals the charred remains of the bands' instruments. A devastating pre lockdown fire destroyed most of the bands instruments and equipment. 'Violent Sun' captures the visceral and angsty energy that can come from instantaneous emotions. Emotions that many of us have felt at some point in life.

THE MAN WHO // ‘Something To Believe

It's the first release since the bands debut 2019 EP 'Bet On You' and the Toronto Alt Indie are back with aplomb. 'Something To Believe' is a powerful anthemic rock track. The Man Who are a band who love to experiment and fuse together different genres. They do so here purposefully and succinctly. A special remix version of the track produced by Calvary is featured on the MLB Network as part of Major League Baseball’s return. You can check out original track below as well read an interview I did with band in 2019 here.

CATE // ‘Pity Party

A newcomer to the scene Cate's self-written EP ‘Love, The Madness’ is due out on September 25th. Her track 'Pity Party' is off that EP. It offers a peek into the life of a young woman keen to escape a married young with kids trope. Having relocated to a cramped flat in London from Canada to discover life, herself and music. This song, and her upcoming EP delve into that. It's raw emotion and 'Pity Party' itself is catchy and hooky with it's simple melodies.

I've created a new playlist for this series which include songs from Edition 5. To listen click here.

Thanks for checking out edition 5 and be on the lookout 👀 for edition 6!

Until then,

Brittney x

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