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  • Brittney Williams


Always showcasing the best that’s out there in music! Welcome to edition 7 of ‘Here This Now’.

Edition 7 has everything from the latest VALLEY track to the new BASTILLE. It has been a while since the last one, so settle in. Expect some impeccable tracks that have been on my mind from the past few months. So Edition 7 is the 'On My Radar' edition of Hear This Now. Let's dive in...


BLACKSTARKIDS // ‘Frankie Muniz’

Signed to Dirty Hit Records, the trio has put out a string of infectious electro pop-rock hits. Each track multilayered and tinged with multiple genres. 'Frankie Muniz' continues the band's penchant for evoking Millennial nostalgia in their songs. The new single continues the blissfully fun DIY music we expect from BLACKSTARKIDS. Expect this and more from the band's debut ‘Whatever, Man’ due out on October 22nd.

VALLEY // 'Hiccup'

The Canadian band is back with a new song that's sure to become a fast favorite. ‘Hiccup’ is the bands take on a pop-leaning breakup anthem, using ‘Hiccup’ as a play on words. Valley takes the listener on quite the emotional journey painting clear lyrical imagery. You can view the DIY music video from this indie rock track below.

SAM ROBERTS BAND // ‘I Like The Way You Talk About The Future’

While Canadian rockers Sam Roberts Band introduced this head-bopping track back in August. It's a track I've found myself consistently turning back to. From the trippy music video to the timely message. The 14th time Juno nominated band continue to bring their A-game on this addictive song. You can watch the music video below.

BETCHA // 'Deja Vu'

Nashville Alternative rock quartet delivers another super catchy jam with 'Deja Vu'. The groovy track was co-written with a friend of the band Nick Bailey during the quarantine. It describes a relationship where the couple experiences 'Deja Vu'. Always knowing they'll always end up back together. You can check out the song’s music video below.

ARO // 'House Of Lies'

ARO is the artistic moniker of Aimee Osbourne (yes, those Osbournes) and her crazily talented band. Her newest single is the wildly dark trip-hop influenced number ‘House Of Lies’. It’s off her upcoming debut album ‘Vacare Adamare’. Listen to the new track below! You can also check out a previously released single 'Shared Something With Night’ for more ARO.

CURTIS WATERS // 'Freckles'

This latest single follows a string of hits for the 20-year-old singer-songwriter. 'Freckles' is the latest single off his debut album 'Pity Party' out Friday. His debut also includes his massive Tik Tok hit 'Stunnin’ amongst new tracks. The hopeful track ‘Freckles’ focuses on the topic of mental health. Inspired by his own struggles and a girl Curtis met and reconnected with from his stay in a mental hospital. It is a candid, gen z look on life and it’s ups and downs told through a Tik Tok beat. You can pre-order his debut here and view the music video.

FRONT COUNTRY // ’Broken Record’

The trio Front Country new track speaks on many levels. A song that’s about the power in speaking up particularly for those that can’t. Front Country’s vocalist Melody Walker sings about empathy being our biggest connector. That in times of sorrow talking and connecting is a powerful tool. You can view the hope-filled music video below. The band has partnered up with Headcount to help push for voter registration.


Scotland's enigmatic ONR returns with another surprise collaboration. After last month's funky dance-rock jaunt with legend Niles Roger. ONR does a complete 360 on 'Must Stop' slowing things down. 'Must Stop' is a mesmerizing tale of love and obsession in the social media age. The trip-hop influenced track features Sarah Barthel of Phantogram. It’s quite the surprising pair with their vocals blending beautifully. They seemingly trade-off double entendres that read like diary entries. You can check out the newly released music video for the track below.

BASTILLE // 'Survivin'

Bastille’s newest release finds the band in fantastic form. It's the follow up to July's 'WHAT YOU GONNA DO?’. ‘Survivin’ is another fresh sound from the quartet. Co-written with singer-songwriter Plested. Frontman Dan Smith continues to experiment with his vocals here. You can hear some vocoder/autotune on the choruses for artistic effect. As for the band in its entirety, Kyle, Woody, Will, Dan, and yes Charlie has found a great groove and confidence. Seemingly, honing in on their talents. 'Survivin' reveal a band that's comfortable exploring and experimenting with different sounds. Bastille will always be Bastille. Yet, for any artist change means growth and once again Bastille has upped their game. This song is an instantly catchy lofi jazzy-pop gem. Check out the new animated music below. Reza Dolatabadi who previously did 'WHAT YOU GONNA DO?’ also did ‘Survivin’.

BARBUDO // 'Magnolia Mansion’

English Brothers Ben and Harry Stanworth some modern disco vibes! BARBUDO wants its listeners ready to groove on 'Magnolia Mansion'. Taking intricate melodies, sultry bass lines, and an ode to classic soul. The duo create an utterly vibrant song that's sure to make it any upcoming party playlists. At 'Magnolia Mansion' summer never ends and the party doesn't stop.

SAINT CLAIR // 'Elegy In 'C'

Jazz tinged pop artist Saint Clair releases the third chapter from her ardent visual EP on grief. The track ‘Elegy In 'C' is an elegant, emotional, and poignant poem set to music. Although ‘Elegy In ‘C’ felt notably heavier in tone than the previous tracks of ‘Goddess’ and ‘Violet Hour’. It felt like a weight had lifted once the song had played it’s final note. For an album that was an album on personal grief. I felt it, it hit home. Through layers of spoken words interpolated through, dulcet tones and melodies... only added to the quiet fragility of the song and subject matter of loss.

CARLA BRUNI // 'Le petit guépard'

The final single released from the French pop chanteuse new album that’s out Friday. 'Le petit guépard' which translates to 'The Little Cheetah’. A cheeky metaphor for breaking against misogyny and old society and its systems. Bruni is in fine, and playful fun form on the folksy number. This will be Bruni's first collection of music in seven years. You can still pre-order/save here.


Here is the new playlist for this series which includes songs from Edition 7. I’ve also added some extra songs this time as well that I can’t get enough of. To listen click here.

Thanks for checking out edition 7 be on the lookout 👀 for edition 8!

Until then,

Brittney x

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