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  • Brittney Williams


Pop Rock band Hey Violet delivered an highly energetic and fun set at The Troubadour this past Thursday (May 30th), to an enthusiastic crowd of fans. The opener was Pop R&B newcomer Sage Charmaine whose stage presence was effervescent, her songs spunky and fun. Yet it was clear the audience was there for Hey Violet. The band having just released two new singles "Close My Eyes" and "Better By Myself". The latter which I reviewed here. The band walked out to massive cheers and a crowd that knew every single line and lyric. Lead singer Rena Lovelis voice was surprisingly sweet set against Electro rock numbers and she overcame the slight sound issues earlier in the set very well. Her crowd interaction was amazing. Rena shook hands, gave hugs, and handshakes as she sang even jumping into the crowd at one point, nearly causing some of her fans to freak out. For Hey Violet crowd interaction with fans is key. The band despite how young they are, are all pros. Rena's sister and drummer Nia Lovelis is lively on the drums and the back-beat of the band. Guitarist Casey Moreta is a jack of all trades in Hey Violet truly rounding out the band. The addition of touring live bassist Hayley Jane Batt (who had to learn 15 songs in a week) rounded out to a high energy and fun show at The Troubadour. Check out my gallery from the gig below and the full set list as well.

HEY VIOLET // The Troubadour Set list

All We Ever Wanted Brand New Moves Better By Myself My Consequence ODD Queen of The Night Pure Unholy Guys My Age Where Have You Been (All My Night) Close My Eyes Viva La Vida (Coldplay cover) Clean Break My Heart

HEY VIOLET // Socials Website / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Thanks to Capitol Records for the invite out!

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