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  • Brittney Williams


Social distancing is hard but music has been a life saver

In a time where we all have to try to find a little of Joy. Music for me is one of those things where I can go to for joy and comfort. So I decided to share some of the songs and artists that have been getting me through these days of social distancing. Through the times where I struggle with feeling super anxious one minute or sad another. Or the times where I feel so many emotions it hard to separate them. What I can tell you, is that music has been so helpful and healing. Most of the artists below are new or indie. It’s only a small selection of what I’ve been listening too. So I’ve attached a playlist as well, which I will be updating. I do hope that you’ll find a song or artist that brings some joy or comfort to you like they have for me. Streaming and buying indie and small artists' music right now is a great way to pay it forward. Buy merch if you can. Anyway, to end we are all doing what we can to get through these days. For me, it’s music and writing. Like always, thanks for listening and for reading. :) xx

A super fun and immediately catchy electro-pop single. Tally’s vocals seem to breeze about the rock-tinged track. They provide enough edge to keep the listener hooked.

In Earnest // “Put Me Under

In Earnest is a couple, Sarah and Thomas. They write about their experiences with mental health and its surrounding dialogue. Adding a third member, Toby, to flesh out their sound. “Put Me Under” is beautifully quiet track. Lead singer Sarah's voice is soft and comforting yet commanding.

Blake Rose // “Gone” (Live)

Having covered this wonderful track previously. I was super excited to hear this live rendition. The Australian singer filmed it in Los Angeles (pre-lock down) with a band and string arrangements. Therefore, giving it a new perspective and take on the song, but added depth. As the live string version gets into the heart of the song and shows off how much talent and promise this One To Watch artist has.

Iann Dior (feat. MGK & Travis) // “Sick and Tired

Something different and out of my comfort zone for me, but the quirky and unusual melody running throughout caught my ear. Iann’s and MGK rap sung vocal delivery pair well together. The music video is what brings this song to life.

Tafari Anthony // “Centerfold

Tafari makes a strong statement to an ex-lover on this pop disco meets R&B dance floor bop. The lush vocals, sultry melodies and cascading synths had me hitting repeat.

Love Fame Tragedy // “Multiply

Murph from The Wombats delivers another funky electro-rock banger, this one co-written with Bastille’s Dan Smith. A song that’s perfect for summer days and pool parties, is keeping me (and so many others) very much sane these days.

Lauren Jauregui // “50ft

This woozy ode to self-protection and self-love features some beautiful and soft vocals from Jauregui. It’s a great song to chill to.

Lolo Zouai // “Caffeine

This confident and sexy gen z bop off Lolo’s debut album “High Highs to Low Lows” showcases an artist who isn't afraid to stand in her power in more ways than one. I’ve had it on repeat since first hearing it.

Laura Marling // “Held Down

Her soft and lilting yet steady vocal quality anchor this track. An acoustic guitar accented number on her new album, “Song For Our Daughter”. It’s gorgeous and it’s heartbreaking carried by heady storytelling.

Kayobe // “Miss You Blame You

This hypnotic ambient track from the producer and multi-instrumentalist has an absolutely slick downbeat. The self-described nomadic artist showcases the many sounds and flavors of the world he finds inspirational within the song.

Still, Woozy // “Window

This super jazzy and infinitely groovy number is the first release of 2020 of Still Woozy. The left-field pop artist whose real name is Sven Gamsky, the new track is immediately catchy and reminiscent of 90s acts like Jamiroquai.

Tiana Major9 // “Think About You” (Notion Mix)

Tiana’s beautiful and warm vocals seem float atop this track on love, unrequited love and heartbreak. The easy breezy island vibes of the music mixed with the jazz influences meld gorgeously. Overall, making for the perfect major-label debut for her as a fun, but soulful storyteller and singer.


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