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I chatted with Maine singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist, Alice Limoges about music, songwriting, her inspirations as an artist, and her current single "Hungry For A Vice". Check out the interview and more on her single below ....THERECLUSIVEBLOGGER: Hi, Alice It’s nice to e-meet you! I always start out with an easy question. Morning Bird or Night Owl?ALICE LIMOGES: Hello! I am a morning bird at heart, but tend to self sabotage and stay up too late. THERECLUSIVEBLOGGER: So how did you know you wanted to become a singer and songwriter? What was the earliest song you remember writing?ALICE LIMOGES: I had an existential crisis in 8th grade when I realized my heart was devoted to this crazy career. I’ve always sung and wrote my first song with chords and a real structure in 6th grade. It was pretty dark. A girl had a horse they won all sorts of competitions until the barn burnt down and the horse died. It started “She is a sad one, she sings a lonely song”. Maybe it was foreshadowing for how a lot of my music now is pretty dark!TRB: Can you tell me more about the backstory behind your current single “Hungry For A Vice”?AL: Sure! I’d quit smoking and kept feeling a tickle in the back of my mind desiring something self destructive. Soon thereafter, I ended a really awful relationship and now when I sing it, my ex has become the missing vice. TRB: Being both singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, where do you draw a lot of your inspirations and influences from? In particularly on the song “Hungry For A Vice”?AL: I have a lot of influences. Musically, I listen to a really wide range of things from jazz to Gamelan to Debussy. And of course a lot of singer-songwriters and bands like Bob Dylan, Sufjan Stevens, and Mitski. Lyrically, I draw a lot from my own life.

TRB: Looking over and listening to your music are themes of love and loss something that you as an artist feel the most comfortable telling? Or is it just human relationships overall? Be it good or bad.AL: I struggled a lot for most of my life with bipolar, so a lot of my songs on my last album The Space Between are about that (specifically Save My Soul, Dog Is Barking, and Winter Nights). Those songs also all span relationships and the interplay of the isolation of mental health battles and trying to connect with other people. For some reason, darkness has always moved me the most, so even on songs that aren’t about me, I’ve tended to lean towards the dark, like on Red Cigar and Aleppo. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot better and am gearing up to release some new stuff which is a bit lighter, so stay tuned.TRB: Let’s talk about the album art ... How do you feel the album art for “Hungry For A Vice” connects to the lyrical nature of the song?AL: I made the art myself actually! The picture of the face with crazy makeup is based on a still from the music video, where I walk through this crazy old theater with all of these strange doll-people. I guess it connects because it’s about masking your identity and throwing yourself into chaos? Mostly I just like how it looks though.

TRB: If you had the chance to cover any song and give it the ‘Alice Limoges’ treatment what song would you pick?AL: I’m dying to do Super Rich Kids by Frank Ocean!TRB: What lyric have you written means the most to you?AL: The lyric that means the most to me is probably in my song Daydreams, which we’ll release later this year. The starting line is “There’s someone else inside my head, my worst and closest friend” and it’s about mental illness. It’s a really difficult song to work on in the studio because it’s always really triggering though.TRB: Are there any artists that have been “On Repeat” for you lately? What music have you been digging?AL: Lately it’s been a lot of Fiona Apple and Hiatus Kaiyote!

TRB: A fun one ... Do you have a dream concert venue to play at?AL: Governor’s Ball or Bonnaroo!TRB: Anything else you would like to add? Thank you for your time Alice! :)AL: Thanks for inviting me to do this interview! I am working on a bunch of new material in the studio that I can’t wait to share, so I hope readers will stick around for it all. Limoges Socials:

Until then,

Brittney W. :) x

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