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The “Headspace” EP sees Maddox Jones in his first solo run

Maddox Jones is a British singer and songwriter hailing from Northampton, UK. The “Headspace” EP also marks the first solo album from Jones after fronting Born Stranger. An artist known for his soulful vocal delivery. Something shown in full force on the synth-pop numbers on the EP. Maddox takes the listener on quite the emotional journey. Starting from the atmospheric self-titled opener to the heartfelt closing ballad, “No More Ghosts”. I chatted with Maddox and we discussed his EP, and much more. Read on below...


THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Let’s talk about your title track and debut single "Headspace." What is the backstory behind the track?

MADDOX JONES: I wrote and produced this track with David Crawford at plastic trees studios back in February. We basically recorded and produced it in a day. I was just getting into meditation at the time and I wanted to write a chilled meditative track that would offer the listener comfort and to make them feel like they are not alone. I was going through a break up at the time as well so I listened to the song when I was alone at night and it had a healing effect on me and helped me get over my ex.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Your new EP “Headspace” at times feels a bit of an inner monologue turned musical piece. How was the entire writing and recording process like? Was it a sort of a catharsis?

MADDOX JONES: Yes it definitely was. It’s really cool that people have noticed the honest lyrics as there is also quite a lot of production on the record as well. The writing and recording process was very natural. I worked on the lyrics myself and then worked with different producer friends on each of the tracks. The lyrics cover my recent breakup, my battle with addictions and also my endless optimism which keeps me going!

Photo Credit: Thomas Stilgoe

Dive into the “Headspace” of Maddox Jones Photo Credit: Thomas Stilgoe

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: What was the hardest track for you to pen down?

MADDOX JONES: Hmmmm probably "My House" as it is a bit of a different style lyrically for me. I had the chorus - 'Let’s go back to my house I think the neighbours are all out..' and I knew I wanted it to be about seeing the fake side of partying. I took the demo to Louis Souyave and he produced it and also helped me finish some of the lyrics. It’s turned out to be one of my favourite songs on the record.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Switching gears somewhat... What inspired you to become a singer and songwriter? What is your favorite thing about being one?

MADDOX JONES: Well, I have been writing songs since I was 7 years old so it’s always just been something that I love doing. It used to be an escape for me when I first started, a chance to create my own little world and I try to stay true to this even now. It’s a career choice. My favourite thing about being a songwriter is making sense of situations through song and offering hope and good vibes to my listeners.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: If you could collaborate with any artist who would you pick and why?

MADDOX JONES: Right now I'd love to collaborate with The Weeknd. He is writing some absolute pop bangers right now and he is one of the true artists who has grown to be in the position he is now. I'd like to write a chorus for one of his songs as he is sick with verse melody flow.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Throwing in a fun one here... Since you have a track on the EP about dancing. What’s your favorite dance song? One that is sure to get you on the floor immediately.

MADDOX JONES: I’m going to go with a bit of a classic. ATB - "9PM (Till I Come)". It reminds me of being at college and late nights and loads of fun.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Are there any artists that have been “On Repeat” for you lately? What music have you been listening to?

MADDOX JONES: I’ve been loving Another Sky, Sarpa Salpa and the new Dua Lipa record. The latter is pop genius and the former two are amazing new bands that I predict will be moving onto bigger things.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: I wanted to do a quick lightning round of this or that questions before we end so...

TRB: Sunrise or Sunset? MJ: Sunset

TRB: Coffee or Tea? MJ: Coffee

TRB: Museum or movie theater? MJ: Movie theatre

TRB: Podcasts or playlists? MJ: Podcasts

TRB: Netflix or Hulu? MJ: Netflix

TRB: DC Comics or Marvel Universe? MJ: Dc comics

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: To end, what is next on the horizon for you, Maddox?

MADDOX JONES: I’ve got a new Headspace remix coming out on August 28th. The song has been remixed by successful Australian production duo Bombs Away and I’m excited for it to be released. It’s an epic dancefloor banger. After that I have another single coming out called "Worlds Gone Mad" which will be taken from a new EP. Exciting times!

You can stream the “Headspace” EP by Maddox Jones here or down below!

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