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Updated: May 10


Tyler Durham is a musician, songwriter, and film composer for TV, films, and games, and, under the artist name LIMINA, he flexes his songwriting and production muscles to craft catchy and dynamic electro-pop soundscapes. The latest track, Sanctum, is out now, with his newest single, Dissolved, set for a release on March 12. The album Coming Home is due for release next month, features both tracks, and centers around “exploring and creating a musical journey through anxiety, doubt, anger, hope, acceptance, and love”. In my interview with Tyler, we chat about his musical influences, composing for film/TV, the LIMINA album Coming Home, and much more.


THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Hey, Tyler! How are you doing, how’s your year been so far?

LIMINA: Hi Brittney, my year is going well - my work is picking up quite a bit, and I have some exciting projects coming down the pipeline

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: How did you get your start composing for films? What was it in particular that drew you in?

LIMINA: I grew up in a musical family so I have always loved listening to and playing music.

However, my film-scoring passion developed in high school. My brother introduced me to the Eminence Symphony Orchestra which almost exclusively plays video game and film soundtracks, and I immediately became hooked. The layers of emotive expression, the powerful waves of sound, and the storytelling capabilities of orchestral writing inspired me to explore every bit of that language. I started pulling clips from films on YouTube to score and reaching out to anyone and everyone who had a project so I could learn how to tell stories through music. The challenge of finding the right musical language for a scene or a film has continued my passion into today.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Do you have a favorite film composer or a composer in general?

LIMINA: The answer is, “It depends.” =)

I love many composers for different reasons as they have their own unique writing styles. However, the composers I find myself studying or listening to the most are Camille Saint-Saen, Stravinsky, and Arvo Part. Regarding film composers, Johann Johansson and James Newton Howard are right at the top. I do spend a lot of time listening to music outside of the classical and film worlds as well. Sigur Ros and Son Lux are two of my favorite bands.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Can we talk about the current single “Sanctum” from your upcoming album, “Coming Home”. Now that it’s out how has the reaction been? How does this song fit into the album's sound and themes overall?

LIMINA: I’ve been so grateful for the initial response to “Sanctum.” I’ve received many sincere messages from people expressing that the track has elicited some peace in their day. It’s the best compliment I could receive because that’s what the track is all about.

"Sanctum" is a piece about self-reflection and unearthing a place in ourselves where doubt, love, joy, and anger are all welcome. A place where we can be consoled, seen, and restored.The layered voices and rolling piano in the opening act as a call into ourselves. Once we step through the door into our own "sanctum" an essence of spirituality emerges through the pump organ and pitch-shifted, deep bell accents. Just as we allow all of our emotions to pass through us, the musical phrasing has a conscious ebb and flow with strings that are both fragile and emotive. It’s the 9th track on the album so it comes towards the end of the story when the protagonist is beginning to derive her self-worth internally, not externally.



THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Since you started this album creation cycle back in 2020 during the pandemic. Where was your headspace going into this? And how do you think that time influenced the project, if at all?

LIMINA: My first E.P. Hidden Spaces was written at the height of the pandemic and in a time where it was difficult to find work, Hidden Spaces was a way to stay connected with my art and passion for creating. I started working on and off on Coming Home in 2022. As a film composer, my music is often commenting and supporting someone else’s story and while I absolutely love to collaborate in that way, “Coming Home” became a chance to create and explore a story of my own. The inspiration for the album emerged from spending time on the London Tube. You see so many people and only get the faintest glimpse of their experience through a laugh, a clenched fist, or just silent contemplation. All of this is accompanied by a loud, yet soothing hum and pulse from the train. I wondered about different experiences people might be silently confronting. I imagined a story of someone estranged from their family but wanting to make amends and what that emotional journey would look like. That simple idea became the bedrock of the album and allowed me to explore and create a journey through anxiety, doubt, anger, hope, acceptance, and love. “Coming Home” is ultimately a story about redemption and rediscovering oneself. Outside of the underlying narrative, I’ve always been drawn to neoclassical elements, electronics, unique and layered musical textures, and playing with form. “Coming Home” was created, in some way, to rediscover my own musical voice and challenge my creativity.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: What has been the most unlikely influence on you for your LIMINA project and its forthcoming album, Coming Home?

LIMINA: I love exploring sound design so much of my influence comes from various sounds in the world or new synthesizers. For Coming Home, it was the London Tube system. I loved exploring different ways I could incorporate the setting of the story into the music itself. In “Let it Take You,” I built most of the percussion bed from the sounds of the Tube’s wheels rolling on the tracks.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: How do you go about challenging yourself as a creative overall to stay fresh and the best you can be?

LIMINA: I’ve found the best way to stay fresh and excited about creating is by listening to new music and experimenting with my own. If I hear an interesting progression, orchestration technique, or complex synth sound, I will figure out how it was made. It’s so important to be constantly adding new tools to my sonic toolkit, and every time I discover something new, my creative juices immediately start flowing.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: What’s one thing that people are generally surprised to find out about you?

LIMINA: How much I talk to myself while I am writing. =)

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Lastly, What’s up next for you?

LIMINA: Unfortunately, I can’t say too much, but I’m working on a great Netflix docuseries, as well as a drama series. I'll be sharing all the details as soon as I can!



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