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  • Brittney Williams


Hellers’ new EP ‘Is Anybody Listening’ is out now.

When I sat down to chat with Lisa Heller on Zoom last month. The Alt-Pop Singer-Songwriter was very eager to discuss her new EP, ‘Is Anyone Listening?’, out now. Hellers’ new EP showcases many of her influences, which include Country, 90s Alt, & 2000s Feminist Pop icons. Lisa worked in with friends and creatives close to her heart on the EP. The young talent is excited for listeners and fans alike to glom onto the full story of the EP since April’s ‘Red Flags’. To hear a true growth in sound and maturity. As Heller has struggled with her mental health like so many around the globe. Lisa began songwriting as a way to help process her feelings as journaling wasn't as helpful. It quickly became so much more despite how cliche it sounds. It was music and songwriting that gave her strength and a purpose. In turn, she hopes that’s what her music will bring to others. Light and comfort, a bit of strength in these trying times. ‘Is Anyone Listening?’ imbues a folk-rock free spirit for a new generation. Tracks like ‘Pity Party’ feel earnest and not self-pitying despite what the title might suggest. While lead single ‘red flags’ is angsty, fun, and raw at it’s core. Hellers’ ‘Is Anyone Listening?’ covers a wide gamut of emotions, particularly ones many have felt in this pandemic. Themes of loss, loneliness, and need are well on tap and Lisa effortlessly digs in to it. A trait that many of her musical heroes/predecessors like Christina Perri and Taylor Swift do well. When the topic of our conversation goes to ‘Songs of the Summer’. One of Hellers’ contemporaries, Olivia Rodrigo enters the chat. She's one of Lisa's picks as Olivia Rodrigo has had a major year. Her other pick is Masked Wolf’s ‘Astronaut In The Ocean’. I agree and offer up BTS’ ‘Butter’. We end on fewer technical difficulties and Lisa excitedly telling me all about her upcoming plans on the horizon. Fans of hers can expect more music, live shows and possibly a tour, if everything ends up well pandemic wise.

You can stream Lisa Heller’s new EP ‘Is Anybody Listening?here.


Photo Credit: Lauren Nieves



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