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Updated: May 13


CHA:DY's new EP ‘Manifesto Of Honesty’ has received major buzz since its release!


I spoke with French-born Neo-Soul singer-songwriter CH:ADY, the now London-based artist released her new EP,Manifesto Of Honesty’ last November. Her raw emotionality on display as she tackles important often difficult subject matter and hard truths and displays a beautifully expressive vocal delivery. Truly an artist only at the precipice of her talent, we talk creativity, influences, and much more. You can check out the TRB interview with CH:ADY below.


THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Hey, Cha:dy, It’s nice to meet you. How has life been getting on for you?

CHA:DY: Hey, I’m good, how are you? Life’s been good thank you, very busy, between my EP release, shows, and all that. It's been great at the same time, and I feel very grateful!

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: I'm doing good btw, just busy as well.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Can speak about your musical background and how you became an artist? Has music always played role in your life?

CHA:DY: My name is Cha:dy, I’m French, I was born near Paris and I pretty much grew up watching MTV and listening to Jazz, Motown, Arabic music and also mainstream pop. Watching incredible artists in these sick music videos made me want to become a singer, a songwriter. Also a performer. I left everything in France to come to London. To try to make music full time, and here I am releasing my new project called ‘Manifesto of Honesty’.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Can we talk about your creative and writing process for your latest EP, ‘Manifesto of Honesty’? It's such an emotionally raw and beautiful body of work.

CHA:DY: It happened at a time when I was writing songs to please other people. Who were telling me I needed to write in this way. As that’s what was trending and I could not recognise myself...I didn’t even like these songs.

So I told myself that it doesn’t matter if the songs are too dark or too deep. Life is also those things and I allowed myself to really be truthful. This project is like a diary. It helped me grow and soothed me and I hope the audience is gonna feel that too.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: What lyric from your EP, ‘Manifesto of Honesty’ do you feel best represents the world around us at an emotional level currently?

‘They bled us out and checked the colour in our veins. It was red for sure. What are they looking for now?’- CHA:DY

CHA:DY: The line is from Brother, I think it represents the climate we live in as black people and POCs in this world, and how tough it is to move in a world that wasn’t designed to give us voices, see us live and thrive. We have to fight harder for everything and it’s sad that after all these years, the lessons learnt, it’s still the case. Although we still have work to do as a society, I truly believe things can get better.



THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: How did the concept for your music video “Brother” come together?

CHA:DY: I wanted a strong concept for ‘Brother’ because the song is a tribute to the BLM victims and the movement and it’s such an important song to me. ‘Brother’ is a song about duality: hope and despair, dark and light...

We had 3 main shots in this music video: the black & white shot, the cemetery shot and the night shot and they represent this duality.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: How was your London Headlining show at The Battersea Barge? Was it your first live show in a while?

CHA:DY: Yes, it was my first full-band show since the pandemic started and it felt amazing. I had forgotten how great performing live was. The first time the audience sang my songs along with me and it was the best feeling!

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: How does it feel to know that as an independent artist, your music is being well received all over the world and featured in places like Complex?

CHA:DY: I am first of all very grateful, I am super independent so to see the audience, my new fans and music curators enjoying my music motivates me to keep doing it and it’s the reward I could get for all this hard work.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: As a London-based and Paris-born artist and songwriter, how do both Paris and London and the unique culture within both cities influence the broader range of your sound?

CHA:DY: I think Paris inspires the most romantic side of my songwriting, whereas London inspires me in a more edgy way, living in London really allows me to live life as I want.I feel free to be myself therefore to write songs with complete honesty.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: A few fun ones, What was the first album you ever owned spending your own money?

CHA:DY: Well it was with pocket money, so my mum would tell you, it really wasn’t MY money haha. The first album I ever bought was Destiny’s Child This is the remix. It includes some of their best hits remixed by the Neptunes (Pharell Williams) or Timbaland. It was an introduction to a more electronic R&B style that heavily influenced me later on.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: If you got the chance to write a song based on your favorite piece of pop culture? What would you choose and why?

CHA:DY: I think I’d love to write a song about the Statue of Liberty, it’s so iconic, I could imagine a backstory for that lady holding that torch and how she got there. That would be fun.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: And lastly what's your pick for album of the year for 2021?

CHA:DY: Mereba’s EP called AZEB it takes you to another place, it’s beautiful, it’s spiritual, I highly recommend you check it out!


Stream CH:ADY’s NEW EP 'Manifesto Of Honesty' out now.


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