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Updated: May 10

Photo credit: Corlene Machine

What What You Stand To Lose’ is the fourth album from the Las Vegas trio Mercy Music. The album sonically might sound like a fun Pop driven Punk record, with some of the band’s cleanest production. Lyrically, it’s a heavy record. The band, and in particular, lead vocalist/guitarist Brendan Scholz was going through a challenging time in life. So, this new album, ‘What You Stand To Lose’, captured the turmoil with clarity, rawness, and precision. It’s an album that neatly fits amongst the resurgence of Pop-Punk as much as it does Punk itself. Yet, it also seems tailor-made for Gen Z’s astute self-awareness and, yes, their love of angst. I ask a few questions of Brendan about his new album. You can read his responses in my interview with him below. Also, don’t forget to check out the new Mercy Music record, which is out now.

You can check out my interview with Brendan of Mercy Music below…

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: How did the band form? Was music something that always played a role in everyone's life?

BRENDAN SCHOLZ OF MERCY MUSIC: Mercy Music formed as a solo project as my previous band had fallen apart. After a few years of touring solo, I began to build a band around it. Speaking for everyone, I’d have to say music has always played a huge role in their life.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Can you talk about the newly released album, What You Stand To Lose? What was this recording and writing process like? Did it differ from your previous releases?

BRENDAN SCHOLZ OF MERCY MUSIC: I’d say the main difference in the process this time around was that we had the ability to really demo the material as our bass player, Jarred Cooper, had built a home studio during the pandemic.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: I want to touch upon one of the singles that were sent to me, which is "Found Out That I'm Useless". Where did the inspiration for the song and video come from? The track is quite unrelenting, especially in comparison to its music video.

BRENDAN SCHOLZ OF MERCY MUSIC: The inspiration for "Found Out I am Useless" came from the dissolution of a major relationship in my life. The video was initially supposed to be animated, but due to time restraints, we opted to use tour footage. We think it came out quite well.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: What lyric from What You Stand To Lose would you say is stuck in your head?

BRENDAN SCHOLZ OF MERCY MUSIC: Probably the chorus of “waiting to begin” : “ Bleed me out and draw me in, I’m waiting to begin”.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Name three words that define or describe the soundscape of Mercy Music?


THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: What is up next on the horizon for the band?

BRENDAN SCHOLZ OF MERCY MUSIC: Right now it’s staying as busy as possible supporting the record. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us!


For more information on Mercy Music, please visit:

Mercy Music'sWhat You Stand To Lose is out so stream now



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