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Jesse Gold’s new single ‘L’ dropped recently and we discuss it and more below.

Being an artist that has worked with many well-known artists like Craig David and Babyface Jesse Gold has been able to craft and cultivate his sound. When singer and guitarist released his 2019 debut EP, “We’ll Be Fine” his smooth and fun mix of R&B and Pop were catching the ears of many listeners. On his latest single ‘L’ Jesse hones in on his sound adding a touch of playfulness. I chatted with him about the track, the music industry, and more below.


THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Let’s talk about your current single ‘L’ and the inspiration behind it? How was the entire writing and recording process?

JESSE GOLD: I got broken up with on Valentine's Day. So that was pretty inspiring! But I did take a different approach writing it. “L” looks inward. There’s a lot of finger pointing in my work: “you broke my heart” or “you left me”. It was time to recognize patterns and write from a deeper place. Production-wise, “L” combines soulfulness, acoustic guitar, and modern hip-hop/urban production. The juxtaposition of melancholic self-reflection and the “summer bop” feel of the music, to me, makes “L” my favorite song to date.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: When songwriting where do you normally draw inspiration from?

JESSE GOLD: I’ve spent the majority of my songwriting history drawing from relationships. Love songs and breakup songs. I’m working now on writing from other places - areas that, in the past, have been more challenging for me to write about. For example: my experience in the music industry and journey so far. I’m also extremely inspired by the music. I often start my songs with music first – a guitar part or beat that gets my head boppin.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: So you studied at the Berklee College of Music. What was that like? What we're some of the lessons you learned there that helped you as artist in the music industry?

JESSE GOLD: Berklee was like Hogwarts for musicians. I loved every minute of my being there. I learned so much - from guitar and vocal technique, to who I want to be as an artist and songwriter. What really stuck out to me at Berklee though, was the support I received from my teachers when I was thinking about leaving. One of my teachers, Livingston Taylor (brother to James), asked me to open up for him at a show somewhere in Massachusetts. So we got in his car, drove to the show, sound checked, played, and drove home in the middle of the night. That experience was extremely profound for me. I felt like I had learned more in that 24 hours than I did my entire time at Berklee. It made me realize that I needed to get out into the world to actually start doing the thing I was studying. When I told my teachers I was planning to leave to do just that, they all agreed and supported my decision. That kind of support makes it a very special place to me. I also made my best friends there, who happen to be some of the greatest musicians I’ve ever known.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: You’ve collaborated with such artists as Babyface and Craig David. How was that experience and who would love to collab with next?

JESSE GOLD: I learned so much from both of those music legends. I was lucky enough to be a part of a songwriting camp put on by Babyface. Surrounded by some other incredible artists, writing songs all day every day for a week. It was amazing to learn from such an iconic songwriter. Craig David has been my biggest influence as a singer. After being his biggest fan for years, we actually connected over Instagram DM. Long story short, we met up in Miami and spent some time together - definitely a major highlight of my life and musical journey. Some of my dream collabs would be Goldlink, Ty Dolla $ign, Daniel Caesar, Drake.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Do you feel that writing about important societal, political, or environmental issues is something that is essential to being a musician today?

JESSE GOLD: I think if an artist has aspirations of making a positive impact on the world, while creating music that stands the test of time, it’s important to write about all of these issues. With that said, I don’t judge any artist for writing what’s most natural to them. If you have something to say, and you can say it in an interesting way with a fire melody, I’m in. That’s what I’m trying to do.

Jesse Gold Interview

Jesse Gold

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: In what part do you feel that social media has played in your growth as an artist?

JESSE GOLD: I’ve always used social media alongside my music. I uploaded the first song I ever wrote to Youtube. From there, I started putting singing videos on Instagram. It was always an incredibly useful tool to get my music out into the world. It still is. I also credit most of my musical relationships in my life to social media. Craig David being a perfect example.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Switching gears... What is your earliest musical memory?

JESSE GOLD: Seeing my first concert! (Ricky Martin)

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Are there any artists that have been “On Repeat” for you lately? What music have you been listening to?

JESSE GOLD: I’m in the midst of a Burna Boy obsession. I’m also loving Lucky Daye, Daniel Caesar, James Blake, Brent Faiyaz, SiR.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: And what’s next on the horizon for you, Jesse?

JESSE GOLD: I’m writing a song a day right now. I’m feeling really inspired. I’m going to make another record. I’m going to release more singles. I’m going for it.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Is there anything else you would like to add? Thank you for your time! :)

JESSE GOLD: Just that I hope everyone is staying safe and that Black Lives Matter.

Stream Jesse Gold’s new single ‘L’ below!

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