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  • Brittney Williams


Self-acceptance and self-love are phrases heard so much you can forget they are not just buzzwords. It is something we as humans have dealt with and continue to struggle with as various levels in life. It’s what is at the heart and core of Emily Brooks new single and debut track ‘As I Am’. The Singer-Songwriter says the song is also a confessional to her Mom. Emily wrote the song at a piano (which she says felt like home) one day. To help her come to terms with her own sexuality and fluidity as a woman and therefore let go of any fear. The feeling of getting back to music helped significantly, as she originally pursued acting when she first moved to Los Angeles. Music itself was always missing so she returned to it in 2017, it had a profound healing effect on her.

It’s wholeheartedly where this single was subsequently born. It came from that struggle and the ultimate healing. Emily soon realized that loving and understanding yourself was the most important thing. Her single instinctively delves into that with its lyrics and intent. In the jubilant and emotional refrain of , “Take me as I am, I’m doing the best I can” you hear it best. ‘As I am’ is a song in many ways born from the era of 90s female artists. Artists that evoked a quiet ferocity such as Lisa Loeb and Natalia Imbruglia. It’s piano led with lots of great surrounding orchestral instrumentation and soft guitar work. Emily’s vocals are what truly shine as they start out soft, building up as the song carries along. They have smokey, rich and velvety timbre. Brooks’ harmonies don’t show up until towards the end. The track is a great first taste and a highly introspective one from this new artist. You can view the music video (which she filmed at L.A. Pride) above and stream ‘As I am’ down below.

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