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  • Brittney Williams


In hard times people seek out comfort and for me like so many others is music. For awhile it was live music and concert photography. It was through this vehicle I grew and met many people that honestly changed my life. They’re so many people and jobs that make up the music industry. I love and support this industry, so it’s hard to see it go through the changes and tough times presently. Ultimately, I feel it will make it through. Everyone I know in some capacity are incredibly smart, creative and tough. My new interview series focuses on those people and jobs. Here I interview creatives essential to this industry but aren’t spotlighted much. They work behind the scenes or in more niche roles, etc. This is not the lead singer or the band. The series titled ‘Get To Know’ will start tomorrow and we meet a new creative and their job within the industry. Along the way we’ll highlight the many unique voices and talents that come together to cultivate this industry. As I mentioned before, it takes so many to put on a concert, or to create a record. So I would love for you to meet some of them. First up is Dawn Jones who founded Pressed PR. Dawn’s interview will be out tomorrow morning.


If you would like to be apart of this series or know a great candidate you can contact me here.

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