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  • Brittney Williams


British singer-songwriter Kianja unveiled a brand new track "There's Nothing More" out now on Best Laid Plans. The song was co-written with Bastille's Dan Smith and produced with frequent collaborators Mark Crew and Dan Priddy. It is the track third we've heard from this very promising and fresh talent and is off her upcoming debut EP Glory.

On "There's Nothing More" we hear slicker pop production, sound, and melodies than in her previous songs. Kianja's vocals are on full display more beautiful than ever and making them the highlight and focus on this soft acoustic guitar accented track. The lyrics are filled with heartbreaking yet beautiful emotion and a soulfulness that is beyond her years, as she started writing this song when she was only 14 years old. This blending of multiple genres not only gives Kianja her most radio-friendly (and playlist friendly!) single to date but her most engaging one where her voice shines the brightest. Thus, making her not only one to watch but one to hear.

You can listen to Kianja's new track "There's Nothing More below...

You can learn more about Kianja and follow her on socials below!

Until then,

Brittney x

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