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  • Brittney Williams


Lenay's Debut Song is a Pop Gem

Lenay is a former MTV VJ turned Electro-pop leaning Singer-Songwriter born in the Congo and having lived in various parts of the world including Chile and Minnesota, before settling in Los Angeles a city known for its eclecticism. It's no wonder that her music sounds otherworldly.

Lenay’s debut single “LA LA LAND” is just about that ... Los Angeles, the city of dreams and possibilities. Also, the city where those same hopes and dreams can crash and burn in an instant. Lenay captures this feeling with her use of analogies often relating it back to love and relationships as a whole.Her vocals add an ethereal sound to the track as they float up and down along a chill electro track. It has a bit of 80s glimmer here and there. A rap part from artist Zara Bash which is featured towards the end of the track (this is also where the song starts to pick up a bit more). It is a nice surprise and also keeps “LA LA LAND” from sounding too dated or too 80s.Stream here: | |Lenay's Socials: | || |Lenay's Official Site: | |

Until then,

Brittney W. :)

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