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‘Murph’ Murphy's solo project, Love Fame Tragedy is an eclectic Rock rollercoaster of emotions.

The debut album ‘Wherever I go, I Want To Leave’ from Love Fame Tragedy is out now. Love Fame Tragedy is the solo project of Lead Singer/Guitarist Matthew ’Murph’ Murphy of TheWombats. The inspiration behind the moniker/solo work is the Pablo Picasso exhibit at London's Tate Modern. For an artist to name a solo project after something so grand and surreal meant the album had to follow through... and it did. Fans got the first taste of the surreal new tunes with the release of 2019’s ‘My Cheating Heart’. Two EP’s from him have subsequently followed.

Love Fame Tragedy // ‘Wherever I go, I Want To Leave’

For his glittering debut, on ‘WhereverI go, I Want To Leave’, Love Fame Tragedy expertly weaves a pseudo concept album and a sleek Indie Pop Romp. Seamlessly creating tracks full of emotion, self-deprecation, honesty, and witticisms. All without coming across self-important. Murph brings out many of his musical friends for the fun too. PixiesJoey Santiago, former Frank Ocean Drummer Matt Chamberlain, and The KillersMark Stoermer feature on the new song. ‘Everything Affects Me Now’ is a deceptively upbeat song about dealing with the rigors and milestones of Adulthood. The first lyric “I see the cracks in the Mona Lisa now” is a true gut-punch.

The opening track ‘5051’ sets the tone and pace of the album despite the controversial name. A 5150 in the California penal code allows someone qualified such as a clinician to involuntarily confine a person deemed to be suffering from mental illness. For what it's worth, 5150 is also slang for crazy. The same could be said for the devilishly fun track ‘Pills’ but I am pretty sure that we are all too busy dancing. The nod to The Killers lyrically, “I do this every time. Jenny was a friend of mine” only adds to the slightly sinister charm of the song. Cheeky witticisms like these are all over ‘Wherever I go, I Want To Leave’. ‘5150’ and ‘Pills’ represent some of the wilder ones. It is these boundaries that Murph pushes that make this record a fun and electric listen. ‘Multiply’ a collaboration with Jack River and co-written with Bastille’s Dan Smith. It will quickly wind up stuck in your head.

Wherever I Go, I Want To Leave’ is an album about hedonism and the fragility of love. Each track is a confessional in some manner fraught with inner and outer conflict. Featuring full-bodied guitars, rich synths, layered vocals, and melodies tie together the storyline. Many of the sounds are reminiscent of the 80s, a decade known for excess. On ‘Brand New Brain’, which is the album closer (and a perfect one at that). Murph replaces ‘car’ with ‘whip’ continuing those cheeky slang terms to the end. As the hedonism gives way to an unsureness. It’s the quiet fragility of this track that you can hear and feel.

Stream the debut album from LoveFameTragedy here.

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