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  • Brittney Williams


London based dream-pop songstress Lucy Mason and Canadian producer and artist Nicolaas team up to remix Lucy's new track Runaway. The duo comes together on Runaway and creates an utterly enchanting new version her song ready for the dance clubs. The song first appeared on her 2019 album Flashback Romance.

"I have always loved working alongside Rob (NICOLAAS) and although we've never met in person we seem to completely understand each other musically. I am in love with his remix of 'Runway' and I've always felt so lucky to be able to work together. I'm looking forward to whatever we create next!" - Lucy Mason

This remix is beautifully done and allows for Lucy's rich tone to shine brighter than on the original track. From the start of the song with the glittering, pulsating synths that are very reminiscent of the 80s and the punchy Disco inspired bassline throughout. The song truly kicks it into gear on the chorus, though. Artist and Producer Nicolaas only added just enough (including those tiny moments, quotes and sounds) to make the track dance floor ready. All while keeping the integrity and heart of Lucy's original songwriting. As the lyrics are quite emotional and heart-wrenching. Get ready to have this one On Repeat or at least have a good cry on the dance floor.

Listen - ‘Runway’ (NICOLAAS Remix) below...

Until then,

Brittney x

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