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Manchester Indie Pop quartet Pale Waves have started off a new era of music with quite the bang! Pale Waves’ highly-anticipated sophomore album ‘Who Am I?’ is due out February 12 via Dirty Hit. Since last November Pale Waves have released four intoxicating singles from the record. Each of the band’s new tracks echoing in their new sound all while staying true to the what is the essence of Pale Waves. The first track ‘Change’, is a glimmering & nostalgic number. It focuses on the ups & downs of young adulthood and heartbreak. ‘She’s My Religion’ takes a sharp turn inward and emotionally. It sees frontwoman Heather Baron Gracie embracing her sexuality in the form of a love letter. ‘Easy’ is the release before new single ‘You Don’t Own Me’. It’s a full-on power ballad and features a Tim Burton themed music video.

“‘You Don’t Own Me’ is a song for women about what it’s like to be a woman in this world. How society depicts, judges, and criticizes women on a daily basis. This song is incredibly important to me and I wanted to represent my own experiences. I also wanted to say a f*ck you to everyone that plays by these fake, delusional rules that say women and gender need to fit inside a specific box.”Heather Baron-Gracie

You Don’t Own Me’ is the newest and fourth release from Pale Waves’ and is out now. It is punk-infused and guitar centric tune. It is a unashamed take from frontwoman Baron Gracie against misogyny. A push back against those who doubt her individualism. Musically, ‘You Don’t Own Me’ is a nod to pop punk and punk of the early 00’s. It’s full of punchy bright guitars & harder-hitting drumming from Ciara Doran. Baron Gracie’s vocals are self-assertive, and empowered here, punching through the music. It’s an instantly catchy track. Pale Waves are seemingly finding a confident niche on this upcoming album. One they’ve self-described as a coming of age album. Of the released songs, there’s some hope within the darkly tinged and love amongst the edginess. Most importantly, it shows a bands transitioning and growing with the times. Along the way developing with an assured sound. You can pre-order the upcoming Pale Waves album ‘Who Am I?here. To stream the new single ‘You Don’t Own Me’ click here.

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