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  • Brittney Williams


PINERO|SERENE is the Alternative Dream-Pop duo, Cheryl Pinero and Neeq Serene. The band is based out of London’s artistic East End and have just released their second single ‘Dead Flowers’ off their upcoming debut EP, Dark Matter. Dark Matter is set to drop on July 12th.

“‘Dead Flowers’ is the last in the chain of a four-track EP, which takes you on a journey through personal evolution. It’s about facing the fear of letting go, to make space for a new dimension of existence and perception.” - PINERO|SERENE

On ‘Dead Flowers’, PINERO|SERENE create a dark yet beautiful atmospheric track textured by lots of grungy guitars and synth layers that slowly pick up as the song travels along. The vocals have a pretty and haunting presence about them on the track as they weave in and out. With vocalist Neeq Serene having dabbled in Spoken Word poetry you can hear the poetic influences in the lyrics and music as well. It is sonic poetry and meticulously crafted. To learn more about PINERO|SERENE and to stream ‘Dead Flowers’ look no further than below.LISTEN: Pinero|Serene - ‘Dead Flowers’

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