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  • Brittney Williams


Updated: May 12



I had the pleasure of participating in a press conference with R&B icon Mya a few weeks ago. We got to ask her some questions and hear her spill the tea on what it has been like being in the industry for so long and thriving in it. The artist has been on a press tour to mark the 25th anniversary of her debut self-titled album. The album featured tracks like, ‘Movin On’, and ‘It’s All About Me’ where she worked with 90s R&B stalwarts like Sisqo (of Dru Hill fame) and Hip-Hop legend herself, Missy Elliot.

I asked Mya, what is one of your favorite memories from your debut album-making/recording process. Although, she said that she had many memories that stood out. She said the train rides alone to the studio where she recorded her record came to mind. During those train rides, she would occupy time by writing, excited that she no longer had to use a karaoke machine to try to capture all of the melodies, sounds, and lyrics she had come up with. Now she had access and a team behind her with Interscope. It was so interesting to hear her answer for many reasons, but mainly for perspective. People often forget how young she was during her debut (she was 16 going on 17).

Ultimately getting to hear her speaking on not only the accomplishments she’s had along the way and talk about how her best is yet to come with so much more to give was empowering. We are in an industry that often defines women by their youth and sexuality, and when I mean young, I mean under 25. At 43, Mya is now fully independent and releasing music through her record label. To relieve some of those nostalgic and moody late 90s R&B vibes, you can stream Mya’s 25th-anniversary edition of her debut with a deluxe edition which is out now on all DSPs.


MYA’s Socials: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Stream Mya's (Deluxe) - HERE



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