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  • Brittney Williams


Rationale fans ‘Whiskey Regrets’ is the first of many releases for 2020!

London singer/artist Rationale (born Tinashé Fazakerley) has returned with a brand new track ‘Whiskey Regrets’. It’s a collaboration with rising U.K. Singer T.S Graye. Born from a story a friend told him about drunk texting a ex-lover and the regrets afterward. Rationale uses this as a vehicle to delve further into his R&B roots. Luckily for him it's something his vocals can naturally shape and bend to. This partnership with T.S. Graye only accentuates that.

Whiskey Regrets’ on the surface is a jam with a solid head nodding groove. But listen further and Rationale is giving us a melancholic R&B slow burner. He has gone much more out of his comfort zone. Incorporating subtle American R&B influences, and found sounds. Weaving all of this amidst his musical style that he’s has created. None of it taking over the track just blending smoothly. Notably his and T.S. Graye’s voices blend divinely, particularly on the harmonies and melodies on the end of the track. ‘Whiskey Regrets’ is a solid groove with incredible production and storytelling from Rationale. The song is out today via Best Laid Plans and you can stream it below or here.

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