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  • Brittney Williams



From the opening notes of the new track by singer and producer Rationale, I knew I was in for a ride emotionally. The artist born Tinashé Fazakerley in Zimbabwe presently residing in South London is back with another fire song. This time it's a beautiful duet with rising star Swedish-Iranian singer Ayelle. The song called Hurts The Most is 90s R&B inspired and captures the highs and lows of love relationships. Rationale's full-bodied vocals blend and contrast beautifully with Ayelle's brighter tone at the optimal times giving the song much-needed rise and fall. As both Rationale's and Ayelle's vocals gracefully travel the wave of pulsing melodies, deep booming drums, and heavy-hitting bass carries the entire song. In terms of production, the stylistic choices selected weren't made to show off but only to intensify the overall storytelling. To stream the new single Hurts The Most and learn more on Rationale and Ayelle than look no further than below.



Rationale: Twitter // Instagram // Facebook

Ayelle: Twitter // Instagram // Facebook


Until then,

Brittney x

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