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Chicago native and Indie Pop Newcomer Alexander 23 has released his debut EP "I'm Sorry I Love You" on Interscope Records. The singer-songwriter who self-produced the EP fuses his own unique style amongst the many genres featured on this fun and introspective collection. The first track "Dirty AF1s" is what first put him on the map as Alexander 23. The track uses a pair of shoes to examine a breakup and the aftermath. It's kitschy while being quite heartbreaking at the same. The song is short, not sweet leaving you wanting more with its minimalistic production. It fits its subject matter. His current single "See You Later" sports gorgeous melodies and harmonies and is a song about saying goodbye to the one you love. "The Internet" being sandwiched between two of the EP's stand out tracks "See You Later" and "Mars" doesn't help it much. It's a decent track overall and serves its message, but it's ultimately skippable amongst the other star tracks. "Mars" is a fun, exciting pop track making great use of his ability to blend multiple genres well and his penchant for pop-leaning lyricism. Music-wise it's fun and chipper but looks within the lyrics and it's biting, moody and reflective as Alexander looks over a prior relationship. This same lyricism and cleverness carry over into "Girl" a song where R&B is just a prevalent as pop. The acoustic lead slightly morbid and melancholic "When I Die" has the singer instructing his friends not to cry but laugh when he dies. Is this take he's not young but old going against the live fast die young Hollywood archetype. It's moments like these on the EP that color it with not only Alexander 23's odd charm but his curiosities as well whether be morbid or not. He's reflective on tracks like "20 Something" and "High School". The ending track "Sad" best encompasses the aesthetic that Alexander 23 has set forth on debut. It's a mid-tempo 80s inspired number filled with glitchy video game beats. It's also the track that utilizes his falsetto the best using just enough to get the right amount of emotion across. When Alexander 23 croons "All I Wanna Do Is Take The Sad Away" to a depressed lover. It doesn't come across so much as sad but hopeful leaving us the listener just a tad nostalgic for those simpler days of love. You can stream "I'm Sorry I Love You" below.

Until then,

Brittney x

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