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  • Brittney Williams


The Nomad mixtape features two collabs with friend Rationale

Alternative R&B artist Ayelle released her long-awaited ‘Nomad’ this past Friday. The offering features previously released songs from the past few months and lots of new music. This debut gives fans a glimpse into the young singer and her artistry, though the ‘Nomad’ mixtape heavily skews towards an R&B sound. There is plenty of experimentation within sound and genre, leaning towards quite the nomadic sound as each track never truly leans towards an exact sound solely. Thus evoking a feeling. This definitely lends to Ayelle’s background, the Swedish-Iranian artist grew up in Spain and Sweden and her dad’s family coming from a nomadic tribe called ‘Qashqai’. Hence this mixtape title, these were also a collection of songs written while Ayelle was traveling from city to city. Going to places such as NYC, Los Angeles, London, and Stockholm. Her “nomadic” travels equaling an emotional, lovelorn, passionate, sexy, heartfelt and at times heated mixtape from the past two years.

Ayelle // Nomad

Ayelle worked on this twelve song mixtape with such collaborators as Rationale (Fast Lane, Hurts the Most) and has tracks produced by Stavros, Lucas Nord & The Elements. The opening track is ‘Fast Life’ is an ode to a life of not partying and hook up culture. She rather endorses wellness and living a quieter life at home. Its island-inspired beat and kick drum offset the message perfectly. For someone known for her use of abstract, bare, and minimal music compositions under her vocals.

Overtime’ the second track on the mixtape and one of the headier songs. Introduces a heavy full-flowing bassline and Ayelle’s often imploring vocal delivery, which she uses as a vehicle to drive home emotion and feeling in her lyrics. Something that's particularly noticeable on the tracks ‘Effort’, ‘Feel It’, and ‘Got Love’. The collaboration on ‘Choice’ and ‘What The Hell’ with British Alternative R&B Rationale are most notable. ’Choice’ is one of the more melodic numbers on the mixtape, where her upper register is beautifully accentuated by Rationale’s slick and tight production. Each song of his is easily yet uniquely identifiable and suits Ayelle’s vocals superbly well, allowing them to play along with the instrumentals not fight them. Unfortunately, the two quietest moments on the mixtape are also the two sleepiest. While ‘Tricks’ and ‘Child’ provide vocally gorgeous moments for Ayelle. The songs end up lost in the mire, on a mixtape where every song is such a standout.

Ayelle delivers on a more than promising debut with the ‘Nomad’ mixtape. It’s delicious, and moody Bedroom R&B meets Scandinavian Electro-Pop. Her sultry vocals, R&B inflections, and raw emotive songwriting easily draw the listener into her journey. You can stream the ‘Nomad’ mixtape out now on all DSPs.

Until then,

Brittney x

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