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  • Brittney Williams


English Rock band The Darkness drop new single "Heart Explodes". The song is off the bands' upcoming concept record Easter is Cancelled. The album is due out October 4th the band will tour the United States in 2020, and are currently opening up for Ed Sheeran in the UK for a string of dates.

“It’s about the despair of change. Having to reappraise your life and what you're holding on to. It’s like that feeling when you just want to go for a swim and keep going. Wanting to be enveloped by something that will gradually pull you down. If you really, really want to survive that process, you can. We've all been there - people who say they haven't are lying.” - Justin Hawkins

"Heart Explodes" finds the band in excellent form, lead singer Justin Hawkins well known and often used falsetto is not overdone on the track. From the first hit of the drums that anchor the entire song, which seems to ride back and forth between ballad and mid-tempo rock number. The abundance of emotion is fully present with every guitar stroke and lyric sung. The Darkness has become known for their unique blend of opera rock this single isn't any different, as Folk-rock elements, even a banjo, can be heard well within the mix of instruments on the song. It's a tune essentially about being caught between the apathy and wanting to change. Something that is often told but on "Heart Explodes", The Darkness dig into what they are good at to find a novel approach to this subject matter.

You watch the lyric video for "Heart Explodes" below...

Until then

Brittney x

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