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  • Brittney Williams


I thought I do a special music roundup today since it’s International Women’s Day. It would be the perfect time post some new tracks from some my favorite new female artists that you may not have heard of.

1. The Marías // ‘Hold It Together’

This is the bands first release of decade and it is quite the dreamy and jazzy number. Led by the otherworldly María Zardoya her vocals and the visuals easily put the viewer in another time and space.

2. Maggie Miles // ‘WHATDOISAY?’

New Alternative-Pop artist Maggie Miles soulful rock charm is pretty evident on this new track. It’s a perceptive coming of age tale, that’s full of questioning introspection. You can hear echoes of her influences which range from 70s Rock to early Kelly Clarkson.

3. Sophie Hunger // ‘Security Check’

Sophie Hunger is a multi-instrumentalist and film composer. Her new single, ‘Security Check’ is dizzying abstract electro-pop number sure to get stuck in your head. Reminiscent of artists such as Imogen Heap and PJ Harvey, it’s her hazy dream like vocals that delicately dance about the track, which draw you in.

4. CYN // ‘Drinks’

Pop singer-songwriter CYN has a new song out and it’s undeniably catchy. ‘Drinks’ us the lead song for the Promising Young Woman Official Soundtrack. It’s a slinky dance-pop number with the most infectious hook that you’ll be singing in no time. Yep... CYN has done it again.

5. Pongo // ‘Uwa

Pongo is a unique artist that is doing her own thing. When they say music is a universal language here is another prime example. You can truly feel the music.

6. Lola Young // ‘Pick Me Up’

At 19, this South London singer new school meet old soul vibe is garnering her attention. Lola Young’s whiskey honeyed vocals are beautiful, honest and raw, particularly against this sparse neo-jazz pop track.

7. Luana Kiara // ‘Reminder’

A self-described empowerment anthem Swedish/Gambian Singer Luana Kiara is spitting hard on this R&B track of hers. It’s a fun one that’s perfect and ready for your ‘girls night out’ and party playlists.

8. MAETA // ‘Payback’

Singer-songwriter MAETA’s sultry vocals are making a new for herself. Her songs ring like a confessional or a diary entry, and set against moody R&B or sexy trap beats such as the song mentioned.

9. Chynna Lewis // ‘Mind and Soul’

Born out of the frustrations of being ‘in the grey’ with a relationship and wanting more. ‘Mind and Soul’ is an empowerment anthem for asking what you want be it a relationship or not. Singer Chynna Lewis vocals are lush and playful, capturing the spirit of love and the initial stages of attraction.

10. SVRCINA // ‘Flowers’

SVRCINA is singer-songwriter Molly Svrcina music alias. Although she has a name for herself already as a prolific songwriter. Her unique artistry as a solo performer is evident on this new single ‘Flowers’. A song about finding the joy and beauty in everything because pain and negativity is unavoidable.

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