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  • Brittney Williams


Hi guys!! It’s time for volume seven part one of my music roundup. As usual we highlight my favorite songs from the past week or so. So let’s get to it!

1. Hayley Williams // ‘Leave it Alone’

The hauntingly beautiful second single released from the Paramore front-woman tackles death and loss with such raw honesty. Hayley’s featherweight vocals, her sincerity, and intention in singing, also the music video is an art form itself. Check it out for yourself below.

2. Hello Forever // ‘I Want To Marry You’

This fun and melodic little ditty from collective Hello Forever gives off breezy Summer vibes. The tune in all it’s “hippie” glory is perfect from those festival and road trip playlists, with the lush guitars and blissfully happy vibes it oozes.

3. Taylor Swift // ‘Only The Young’

Considerably, Taylor Swift’s most politically charged song yet. ‘Only The Young’ is seemingly a call to arms to the younger generations to keep hope in these trying times. This subject is marking new territory for the singer but hopefully, this is something she continues to delve into as it’s a fresh step forth.

4. The Glass Child // ‘Alone With You’

The Glass Child presents a moody and atmospheric offering with ‘Alone With You’ through the vehicle of chill pop. Her vocals are soft yet assured, as she carries the weight of her full emotions within a relationship. ‘Alone With You’ with it’s 2000s era pop melodies and DIY production, give this single a distinctive and charming sound.

5. Blake Rose // ‘Gone’

Pop Newcomer Blake Rose delivers on this powerful new ballad. On ‘Gone’ Blake takes the listener through the emotional and heart wrenching journey of grief. Through the eyes of a struggling widower we follow an intense love story. Although the track isn’t autobiographical the delicate and lush vocal delivery as the songs builds makes it feel so. It’s no wonder that Blake Rose has was Co-Signed by artists like Taylor Swift. You can listen to ‘Gone’ below.

6. Boy In Space // ‘Caroline’

The new track ‘Caroline’ from Swedish artist Boy In Space (Robin Lundbäck) is the ultimate bop and will have you singing along from the start. The emotionally charged track about unrequited love has punchy choruses and memorable hooks and melodies. You can listen to ‘Caroline’ below.

Part two will be released tomorrow!

Until then,

Brittney x

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