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  • Brittney Williams


It’s part four in my quarantine jams series!

We continue in this series... pls enjoy!

TRAVIS BARKER (feat. WIZ KHALIFA) // ‘Drums Drums Drums’

From the revving of the motorcycle engine you hear in the opening, you know that this collab between the rock veteran and rap rebel is going to be lit... and it is. The booming drums that ignite the song among the silky smooth bass line, and off-kilter synths carrying the track along as Wiz cooly raps. It's super catchy and you can hear it below.

KATY PERRY // ’Daisies’

This uplifting acoustic centered power-pop jam from Katy is the first official taste from KP5 her fifth album. The new sound is the perfect summer song and refreshing. Her vocals are stronger than ever with her catching some beautiful high notes amongst the chorus. Also, Katy’s knack for setting a scene through clever wordplay and interplay of lyrics have never been more on point. Watch the new lyric video below!

MARIE DAHLSTROM (feat. James VICKERY) - ‘I Don't Wanna Wake Up’

This jazzy pop-soul duet from Danish artist Dahlstrom and South London’s Vickery is a sexy slow burner. The mix of the duo’s melodic interplay, smoky harmonies, and that groovy bass make a soulful tune.

AUSTN - ‘Take It All Back’

Pop newcomer AUSTN new tune is immediately catchy. From the simple yet effective storyline to the gorgeous melodies particularly on the chorus. Not to mention the track itself feels super nostalgic and AUSTN’s vocals truly come to life.

SURF MESA (feat. EMILIE) - ‘ily (i love you, baby)’

This laid back Summer pop jam by Surf Mesa and Emilie has become a massive hit. The song has just surpassed 200 million global streams and is a huge Tik Tok hit. It’s a dance reworking the Frankie Valli hit ’Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You’. Surf Mesa turned the song into a Surf Rock meets California cool pop dance number, with visuals to match.

The National Parks // Waiting for Lighting’

The latest offering from the folk-pop male-female quartet is a breezy uplifting Summer jam. Heavy on melody and harmonies with lots of acoustic guitars. Will have you nodding your head and singing along in no time.


The Italian Dream Pop artist's new single ’Immensità’ is off an EP of the same name that will be out next month. Signed to the same French label who launched Benjamin Clementine and another artist I’ve written about TSHEGUE. ’Immensità’ takes inspiration from space and the cosmos, creating a prog rock-influenced soundscape filled with gorgeous synth melodies, disco textures, and rich harmonic tones. The song itself is in Italian sung in low hushed tones. As Andrea references lyrically Pascal's theory about humankind's existence between the infinitely large & small. To hear the track press here or stream below.

OLIVIA LUNNY // ‘Bedsheets’

A quiet driving kick drum is what paces this acoustic guitar-centric song along. The song touches on ‘Situationships’ and letting go and moving on. A song that reads like a diary entry. It was sparked from a voice memo from Olivia that she shared with the song’s co-writer, AJ Healy. Listen to the track here.

TWENTY ONE PILOTS // ‘Level Of Concern’ (Live from Outside)

Twenty One Pilots have released an alternative version of their quarantine love jam ’Level Of Concern’. The alternative take first took shape as a separate quarantine performance outside that initially aired on Fallon Tonight. This new version which features collabs with friends and fellow musicians Paul Meany (Mutemath), Jesse Blum (MisterWives), and Simon Jefferis elevate the track. The addition of instrumentals including an added trumpet, jazzy falsettos from Tyler, and a surprise or two showcases the ingenuity of the Alternative Rock duo. You can stream the new version here and watch the Fallon performance below.

SHAEFRI // ’23’

For Shaefri her half Irish and half Egyptian heritage shapes her music. It is truly evident on her new track ’23’. Her Egyptian heritage is loud and proud with Middle Eastern rhythms that run through shaping the core of the song. Shaefri’s vocals gracefully navigate difficultly and not so graceful lyrical themes. Themes on the struggles of youth. On Shaefri’s ’23’ you realize life can hit fast but you’ll eventually get back up.

GREEN DAY // ‘Dreaming’

Green Day’s cover of Blondie’s Dreaming (off their fourth album Eat to the Beat) doesn’t stray too far from the original. Mix that with Green Day’s four on the floor garage punk sound. You get a cover that’s grungy yet melodic and does justice both bands and their separate scenes.

I've updated the playlist! To listen click here.

Until then,

Brittney x

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