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  • Brittney Williams


Alternative-Pop band Mayve has released a brand-new single, Slide. Taking nods from 80s electro-pop and dance, and featuring their take on modern culture in the lyrics. The single, Slide is catchy with a touch of darkness. Since we at The Reclusive Blogger enjoyed this song, we had the band write a guest blog (The first one!) right at the peak of Summer. Read below to see what Mayve selected as their favorite songs this Summer.

Hello and welcome, we’re MAYVE, an alternative band from NY. We’re influenced by the music of the late ‘70s and ‘80s and apply the lens of modern culture. This is Nick and Nic from the band and here’s our list of 10 songs we’ve had on repeat this summer. MAYVE

1. Lô Borges - Todo Prazer

This Brazilian songwriter sounds like if Thomas Mars (Phoenix) started singing over music created by Mac Demarco except it's 1982 and neither of those bands existed yet. This song is the perfect song to add to your playlist for lazy poolside days.

2. Night Moves - Mexico

I’m new to getting into this band and don’t know why it took me so long to discover them. This song is beautiful, its melody reminds me of something Stevie Nicks would sing. The whole album is littered with 1970s vibes that you can picture playing in a dimly lit dive bar.

3. SOHN - Artifice

This is a really cool electronic song and I like how the singer uses his voice as an electronic texture. He blends it seamlessly into the track with the “glitchy” panning vocals.

4. MAYVE - Slide

This is the song for your next nightfall cruise.

5. Marcus D - A Penny for Your Thoughts

This is a chill instrumental track that touches on the “lo-fi hip-hop” genre but with kinda a “big band” twist. The arrangement is really nice and has been my go-to song when focusing.

6. The High Divers - Summertime

The High Divers are good friends of mine from Charleston, SC. They’re a super rare band nowadays because their live show is even better than their records. When they play this song live they do a sing-along section before the last chorus and the lead singer does push-ups during a drum break. Definitely check them out.

7. Sarah Jaffe - Summer Begs

I love this song because even though “Summer” is in the title it’s a real downer of a song lyrically. The vocal melody also switches syncopation mid-verse which is a really cool effect.

8. Matthew Logan Vasquez - Red Fish

This song kind of baffles me every time I hear it. Matt Vasquez (previously of Delta Spirit) goes “full-Texas” on this song. As far as I understand it, this song is about him getting drunk and picking a fight with a police officer and he gives a sweet shout out to his Lawyer. When they play this song live they go into a medley with “Put the Lime in the Coconut”.

9. Tokyo Police Club - Gone

This whole record screams Summer vibes but this song alone gets the job done. Unbelievably catchy. This album was released like two days before I graduated high school and I listened to it on repeat all Summer. That was nine years ago but this album never gets old for me.

10. Dawes - When the Tequila Runs Out

I can’t put into words how much I hated this song when it came out. Not because it’s a bad song but because I was worried Dawes was about to pull a 180 and change their sound entirely. That didn’t happen, the rest of the tracklisting on this album has a lot of classic Dawes on it, and eventually, this song really grew on me. Oddly enough I get F. Scott Fitzgerald vibes from the lyrics on this song, I always imagine the party in this song taking place at Jay Gatsby’s House. Definitely a good Summer tune and the bass groove is pretty sick.

MAYVE Socials:

Thanks to MAYVE band for being the first official guest blogger on The Reclusive Blogger and for taking the time out to make this blog. You can stream the bands' full playlist below!

Until then,

Brittney x

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