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Julia Stone Marks Solo Return with New Track “Break”.

Singer Julia Stone marks her solo return with a new song and music video with “Break”. You may recognize the artist from the sibling duo Angus and Julia Stone and their song “Big Jet Plane”. A songwriter known for her folk roots. This track marks a notable change in Julia’s sound into a forward-leaning pop artist. Produced by Thomas Bartlett and St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark). St. Vincent provides musical contributions as well along with Stella Mozgawa & Bryce Dessner. Australian director Jessie Hill directed the dazzling visuals of a dystopian club scene. The clip filmed in Mexico City pre-COVID features choreography by Andrew Winghart. Paolo Alfaro created costuming for Stone and her dancers in collaboration with her. The song tells a story of new love and the rush one feels. Julia lyrically peels back the layers in song. Much like one slowly sheds layers to reveal themselves to a lover. One’s journey to love is a slow and complicated process like a slow dance. Accentuated with bright horns, colorful guitars and blaring synth layers. Ultimately composing a catchy pop confection.


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