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Qveen Herby “Sugar Daddy” Music Video is a cut from her ‘8’ EP out now.

Remember the duo Karmin? (comprising of Amy Noonan (née Heidemann) and Nick Noonan). After major industry burnout (more on that here) and a full creative rebranding. Which allowed the duo and couple to create what they want. A return to the start of sorts with no limits on what music they want to create and Amy doing what she does best... Rapping (i.e. video that went viral). Under this rebranding born Qveen Herby with Amy up front and center. Nick (aka jedii nick) taking a more creative role producing the songs. While Qveen Herby still stays a collaborative effort with the duo. The music project presents itself on another playing field and with full creative control. It was a risk but one that ended up paying off and they are now eight EP’s in. All EP’s feature many self-created music videos utilizing their creativity to it’s fully. Thus creating their own aesthetic on each.

Qveen Herby Sugar Daddy

The newest music video in the line up is ‘Sugar Daddy’. It’s off the ‘8’ EP and filmed in quarantine. ‘Sugar Daddy’ falls right into place with the other videos. Qveen Herby’s current aesthetic, visual imagery, and color choices all evoke the lyrical imagery. As Qveen Herby fires off bars playfully about riches, furs, expensive high heels, and the like. It’s all tongue in cheek, targeting the seemingly gullible nature of her said ‘Sugar Daddy’. It’s all fun as she dances about serving major attitude. Although this storyline isn’t one of personal narrative. Qveen is a self-described feminist and married to her creative partner. The ultimate goal of an artist is explore and tell stories. That is what Qveen Herby does on ‘Sugar Daddy’. So she uses this as a vehicle to explore songwriting and play around in another world. You can watcbh the ‘Sugar Daddy’ video below.

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