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Originally from Mumbai International artist Ananya drops her second U.S. single, ‘Everybody’s Lost

Meet Ananya Birla known artistically as Ananya. Already quite known in many parts of the world after having racked up several hits. Most notably the multi-platinum single “Livin’ The Life” which Afrojack remixed. The song subsequently became the first English language song to go platinum from an Indian artist. Hailing from Mumbai the pop artist has set her sights on American audiences. As she currently splits her time between Los Angeles and London. She just released her new single an R&B influenced track titled 'Everybody's Lost'. ‘Everybody's Lost’ is a song born from the frustration and sadness of moving to a city. The entirety of the track coming together during lockdown.

While 'Everybody's Lost' is only the second English release from the artist. It follows her first single, ‘Let There Be Love’ that gained radio airplay in America. The new single comes with a music video and has production from Black Summer. For a single that’s decidedly full of emotion of a different kind, and could easily be a heartbreak number. The music video only amping up that factor. Swirling sounds of pop, EDM, and R&B, Ananya creates a sweet vibe that underlines her feather-light vocals.

Stream ANANYAEverybody’s Losthere.



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