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  • Brittney Williams


Toronto Synth-Pop duo YSSY is back with another glittering single. At Least We Know is an infectious pop anthem written, produced, and released on the bands’ Spruce Sound Label imprint. YSSY fills this modern pop disco track with lush rhythms, cool melodies, glitchy synths, and bouncy drums. They assuredly make a sublime late Summer anthem. The duo, Elliot Caroll and Simeon Abbott wrote the song about not letting prior experiences in life determine and color your current life and relationships. They describe it as a realist’s pop bop. One wrapped up in a pretty package of rich harmonies and happy dance grooves. YSSY want you to live your life without regrets. So you can start promptly by hitting the play button on At Least We Know.


Until then,

Brittney x

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