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Yungblud with Royal & The Serpent & Wargasm get loud and weird on the L.A. stop of Yungblud’s ‘The Weird Time of Life’ digital tour


This past Sunday, Pop-punk artist Yungblud brought ‘The Weird Time of Life’ digital tour to Los Angeles. The sixteen date tour began in London on November 16. Taking place remotely in different parts of the world. Fans could purchase the tickets through Moment House to watch at home. Many of Yungblud’s rabid fans were chomping at the bit to see the artist sing songs from his debut album ‘Weird’. So the opportunity to see him in this unique setting had fans buying multiple tickets. For the L.A. stop, we had openers, Wargasm (UK), a nu-metal duo hailing from London. Then Indie Rock artist Royal & the Serpent. Both openers broaden their vibes and edgy presence to stage. While keeping within the world that is YungBlud.

Royal & The Serpent

Wargasm brought a very loud, fierce, and slightly anarchist vibe. Although it was a super short set. The duo of Sam Matlock and Milkie Way created a strong and duality. His often unclean vocals and her soft wispy singing, pierced through their DIY punk tunes.

Royal & The Serpent & Yungblud retained an electricity throughout their sets. Her set bolstered by a kaleidoscope of colors. Keeping within her vintage hippy chic meets 90s rock chick vibe. Royal & the Serpent performance was full of emotional wide-ranging vocals. Her vocals going from soft and raspy to a howling scream the next. That scream wailing on ‘Get High.’

Pop enigma Yoshi Flower makes an appearance to sing their new collab ‘Bad Kids’. Her set ended with the Tik Tok hit and overall massive vibe ‘Overwhelmed’.

Headliner Yungblud took to the stage with and lots of flashing lights. Nevertheless, at moments, his high energy crossed over into a frenzy and was a tad much. Although this is something I’m sure his fans love him for. He opened the show with a high-energy pop-punk number full of British witticisms. His drummer pounding away and keeping time giving the track a bit of NIN edge to it. It is these witticisms, double entendre's that fuel Yungblud’s music. It’s all apart of his storytelling and cheeky persona. While he delivers heavily on the early to mid-2000s emo and pop-punk nostalgia.

Yungblud also conveys intense emotion and pretty strong vocals throughout. Highlights include ‘Mars’ and ‘Cotton Candy’ both new tracks. The former a song close to his heart written about a lifechanging encounter with a trans fan of his. ‘Cotton Candy’ albeit contains some lyrics that are a bit contrite. Both songs exude an undeniable cheekiness and are super catchy. Yungblud closed the night out on a high with the same energy he arrived in with.

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