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  • Brittney Williams



Los Angeles transplant is on the rise since his brand of quirky, lo-fi, authentic, and emotionally brand of vibe heavy Indie Pop music has garnered him a viral hit with “Honeypie” and now a solid (and dare I say hardcore) fanbase. The artist suddenly found himself with newfound success after that viral TikTok signed to the major label Interscope in 2020, where he dropped his mixtape EP, For Abby. It was a mixtape that was wholly created and conceived in lowdown, with many of those curiosities and insecurities felt on it. Jawnys' sound began to develop with more tools, people, and more at his disposal. It was something that would push you as an artist or drive you crazy with anxiety, but Jawny seemingly just dug into the tide of Gen Z new age sensibilities for his latest projects. The new songs, fall in love, true, plus last year's wide-eyed all capture a breezy California energy with slicker production and insanely catchy hooks. In speaking with Jawny during a presser recently. I asked him what if he got the chance to write a song based on his favorite piece of pop culture, What would he pick? So, ever the Gen Z and pop culture nerd, he chose quite an etched-in-our-skull moment from pop music history. When Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake donned matching denim-on-denim ensembles at the 2001 VMAs. Although, I am unsure if Jawny will ever get a chance to put pen to paper on this subject. I certainly don't doubt that the vibey sound he has been crafting wouldn't do it justice...





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